Won't stop chewing everything.

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  1. Mark339

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    I am asking for any suggestions or help on this.

    We got our new Bernie about 3 months ago. So she is about 4 1/2 months old. I get that she is still a puppy but she is literally destroying the new home we bought. She has chewed up all of our wood stair rail banisters, she has chewed on our trim a long the floor, she has chewed our new metal legged kitchen table, and now she has chewed the sliding glass door that is wood on the sides.

    I have tried that bitter spray but I can't spray that on everything. I have tried a shock collar but that ended up being too much of a hassle trying to take it on and off of her throughout the day. We have a cage for her but I can't leave her in her cage all the time when we are gone because she has too much energy when we arrive home. We had a doggy door installed so she can go in and out to the back yard which cured the potty issue but it seems like leaving her out is killing the budget.

    Any help? Suggestions? Should we cage her until she is not a puppy?

    PS.. any way to get her to stop eating the other dogs poop too? we have given her those pills that is supposed to make her poop taste bad. didnt work. and she eats the other dogs poop too. when we catch her we say no but she thinks its a game and runs around. why does she eat it? how can we make her stop?
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  2. summersnowbr

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    Puppies will chew, particularly when they are getting their adult teeth. What we did when we brought our puppy home we had chew toys several in every room that she was allowed in. Found out her favorite toy was a zebra. Anyway when she came close to certain items we did not want her to chew we said "No" in a stern voice (I have spinning wheels). The toys kept her from chewing anything else.
    You should crate her when ever you are not at home. Besides saving your house it is for her own good. Your Berner will consume so many things if you are not watching her. Ours loves to eat rocks so I'm constantly telling her to drop it. You can't do that if she has full range of house and yard when you are gone. I've read so many blogs of their berners eating plastic bags, rubber ducks, socks, rags, remote controls. End result is surgery. Sorry to say but it sounds like your Berner is running the house not you. We have no furniture, trim etc that have any teeth marks on them.
  3. bernermom

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    Everything summersnowbr just said!! :):)
  4. Mark339

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    Thank you. Yes there are a lot of repairs we have to do now. We do have a ton of toys around and always have flat chew sticks she loves. I think there are about 10 of those lying around the house. It seems like she does it when she is bored or mad at us. For instance she chewed the banisters when I was running on the treadmill. My fault for not putting her in her cage I guess.

    How long do you typically have to crate her or when will she grow out of this stage?
  5. EnzoTheBMD

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    This scares me two my boy Enzo is 11 weeks. Hes very very mouthy. Sometimes lunging at me in the morning with little puppy barks. It seems that the morning is always his peak "I'm going to bite" but I would say it's probably because he is so excited to leave his crate and come up on the bed with my fiance and I.

    We have been redirecting with toys. It scares me that this will become a daily routine of his. We tried the apple bitter spray but it works once then he tests it and then he seems to tolerate it after a few tries....
  6. Klexi

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    If he sits on command, before he bites ask him to sit.
    If he does. say ''Yes" and treat.
    My puppy would do that in the yard bark eat my pants. I did that and after a day no more.
    When I see her about to bite my pants I ask her to sit right before.

    Its hard to do the "leave the room" thing when they are tugging at our pants lol
  7. summersnowbr

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    What we did with Sierra was if she put her mouth on your hands or any part of your body we would scream in pain. She would stop immediately. They don't wont to hurt you, they just want to play or their gums hurt from teething. When puppies play if one bites too hard the other puppy yelps then the biter stops. Some times one has to think like a dog. :D End result Sierra doesn't nip, bit etc.
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  8. Herbie

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    Have you tried bully stick? For mine, the chewing stopped when I gave him a bully stick for him to chew. Also, I think around the age of 4 months, puppies get uncomfortable with their baby teeth. For my bernese, I usually cut up big piece of watermelon and put them in the freezer. The coldness help to soothe the teething, and would make my dog forget to chew other things. Hope that helps :)
  9. EnzoTheBMD

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    Which brand of bully sticks do you suggest? I also heard theyre full of fat. Is that true? I mean I did a little research on them. I bought one just for him to try out he absolutely loves it.
  10. EnzoTheBMD

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    It's almost like it doesn't even phase him with the screaming. My fiance screams and he doesn't let up.
  11. Herbie

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    I usually get the Red Barn sticks, the braided one 12 inches. I did some research about bully sticks, and so far the Red Barn seems to be fairly safe and natural. I would just supervise it though while you dog enjoys the stick, since your dog could choke from it.
    Since my dog past the stage of teething, I rarely give him bully sticks anymore, just once in awhile I would give him. So far my furniture and everything else are still intact :)

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