Who is the Barking Bunch?

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog General Discussion' started by libernerlove, May 2, 2012.

  1. libernerlove

    libernerlove New Member

    In my search for my puppy I have come upon references to The Barking Bunch more than just a few times. What is their place in Berner history that has made them so noteworthy?
  2. jennyO8

    jennyO8 New Member

    They are a kennel based in Holland. They have won many awards in Europe. They have also bred Crufts champions. My dogs father is from there. They breed for health and longevity first and foremost. My dog Ruby's litter was bred to give them a stud dog. He is on their website under stud dogs his name is Joe. He has won loads of awards already. Google the barking bunch and you'll find their website. They seem to be really knowledgeable and caring about their own dogs and Bernese as a breed. Hope this helps!
  3. libernerlove

    libernerlove New Member

    Thanks JENNY08. It does help. I also have Barking Bunch Berners in my puppies pedigree. I am happy to see it there.
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  4. LuvMyBerners

    LuvMyBerners New Member

    My Tori's grandmother is a "Barking Bunch" Berner. I have to tell you that Tori doesnt shut up. She has the best hearing and wants to bark at every little thing. Wonder how they came up with that name? :rolleyes:
  5. robinadams11

    robinadams11 New Member

    Its quite helpful for me as well. There should be some other discussion opened for such issues. Focus please on different kind of bull dogs as well.
  6. LuvMyBerners

    LuvMyBerners New Member

    It's a Bernese Mountain Dog Forum. You will have to look for Bull Dog Forums.

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