When to switch from large breed puppy food to adult food

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Craig w, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Craig w

    Craig w New Member

    I have a question. At what age do you switch a Bernie from large breed puppy food to large breed adult ?
  2. Maee4ever

    Maee4ever New Member

    I switched my dogs food at 6 months because it was giving him loose bowels.
  3. Berner love

    Berner love New Member

    I wondered too when to switch to adult but my breeder said the protein is a key factor in her choice of food. Somewhere in the 26-29 percent range. Her experience has shown too high of protein can cause problems ....one being skin problems? I was given a list of her preferences and went with “victor premium” this isn’t a puppy food but a high quality adult formula with a lower protein content. My pup dose get a immune building supplement and joint supplement fresh veggies yams carrots etc. he seems to be doing great with this regimen. Also a probiotic I’m careful on veggies don’t want his stools too loose bananas are great to balance things out. I think he better then I do lol
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  4. STACEE777

    STACEE777 New Member

    We feed Victor professional since we have berners in all different life stages and this specific one is good for pregnant dogs along with pups too :) I love Victor!

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