What Did You Name Your Berner?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BernerMax, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Shea

    Shea New Member

    Our 13-week old is 'Olina

    Which means joy in Hawaiian
  2. Ferris bern

    Ferris bern New Member

  3. JIreland

    JIreland New Member

    Our little guy's name Griffin, after the Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

    We thought about Thor, but when you say it a bunch of times, it sounds like you have a lisp.

  4. Stella

    Stella New Member

    Our girl is Stella :)
  5. monte

    monte New Member


    We named our big boy George. After seeing his dad it just seemed to fit
  6. Maui's Mom

    Maui's Mom New Member


    When our daughter got her puppy (who she named Dublin) from the breeder, one of the little boys adopted us. Every time we went to visit he'd come right to us. My husband told me we could go on a trip to Hawaii or get the puppy... So Maui came to live with us :)
  7. TooHokies

    TooHokies New Member

    RE: what did you name your berner

    We named our pup, Renzo after the Italian Architect - Renzo Piano- we met in Switzerland on an Architecture trip and it just seemed to fit... only problem is everyone keeps saying, "Oh! Lorenzo, what a great name!":confused:
  8. Prospector

    Prospector New Member

    Our dog is named Bernie.

    We aren't very creative :rolleyes:
  9. joh

    joh New Member

    we named our girl Phoenix
  10. Vin63

    Vin63 New Member

    Lucerne, or "Lucy" for short.
  11. Punky'sMomma

    Punky'sMomma New Member

    My husband got to name our first dog together so I felt this one was my turn. Ran through a bunch of names... couldn't agree, lol! Then he suggested Punky (yes, like Punky Brewster) and I was thinking "I don't want a Punk for a dog" however she has that pretty rust (pumpkin color) on her and I love the name Pumpkin so... she is officially our Pumpkin. Mostly she gets called Punky tho! She is awesome!
    My dad can't seem to remember her name so he ends up always calling her Peanut Butter. So cute! :D
  12. Vin63

    Vin63 New Member

    :p Our male Great Pyrenees' nickname (that my grandma gave) is "Punkin Pie." He responds to his nickname equally with his real name.
  13. Punky'sMomma

    Punky'sMomma New Member

    Oh I love it! Punkin Pie!!!! :)
  14. Ereillyj

    Ereillyj New Member

    I named my male berner Roland. :)
  15. Hunter2013

    Hunter2013 New Member

    We named our baby Hunter.

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  16. ABChloe

    ABChloe New Member

    Over the years we have had Berners named Solo (the only puppy in his litter), Hannah Rose, Sophia Rose, Quincy, and Scout. Our newest is a six-month-old pup we named Chloe (a variation on my first dog who was named Cleo) Rose (a tribute to my wonderful Hannah and Sophie).
  17. dogspotindia

    dogspotindia New Member

    sorry i don't have a berner but i have a GSD and his name is kall .
  18. Danielle

    Danielle New Member

    My Hallie was named after the main character from the movie "The Parent Trap". It has been my favourite movie since I was little :)
  19. Toblerone

    Toblerone New Member

    What did you name your Berner

    Our breeder had thought of Toblerone (was an original Swiss chocolate company founded in Berne-how apropos) because he has a triangle of white on his forehead. We thought it was perfect so we kept it, calling him Toby for short. When I figure out how to post a picture I will!
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  20. Moonflower

    Moonflower New Member

    We were a bit stuck for a name - we wanted something strong but pretty (to suit) & were hoping to continue our "Star Wars" pet name themes - corny, I know - plus we spent ages trying to make something fit from her pedigree name or her parents that wasn't too overused, or even something from her birth date that was happening in the world or the universe at the time (Like the Eta Aquarid shower on her birthday - try making something out of that! Henrietta or Aqua was the best I could do.) In the end, I gave up and suddenly remembered the pre-school children's programme "The Hoobs" with their twizzletufts and the little pink female one called "Tulah". I looked up the meaning and discovered it could be "strength" or "peak", depending on which language you are in - I thought both were appropriate! Plus, if you're a real Star Wars fanatic (which we're not, we're just keen) I discovered a link on the internet which described a "Tulah" character. So it stuck. I still look at her sometimes and wonder if it was the best choice, but it does fit! I've since discovered two other Berner Tulahs (with different spelling variations) so we didn't score on the originality front, but she has nicknames too which she's equally happy to answer to! :)

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