What Did You Name Your Berner?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BernerMax, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. BernerMax

    BernerMax New Member

    Hi all, me again!!!
    Thought this would be a Fun Topic--
    We named ours Adonis Maximus (an old online name of my hubby haha) and we call him Maxie for short--
  2. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    We have Barefoot in the Park "Emma" She was named after a Johnny Mercer song that was sang my Emma Kelly. She was already named when she came to live with us and we Love her name! Emma is definitely a girly girl !:)
  3. Apollo

    Apollo New Member

    I named mine Baloo after the jungle book.
  4. WonderBread

    WonderBread New Member

    Tula. We were watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding right before we went to pick her up. :D
  5. pcannon

    pcannon New Member

    Mitchell Alexander I call him Mitch. My family had a pick the puppy name party and put a bunch of names in a box. The one that won was actaully Beau Aaron. The next morning on my way to work I decided I couldn't name him Beau it sounded too much like no. Not wanting another naming party I just came up with Mitchell (which wasn't in the box at all.)
  6. Kimbernese

    Kimbernese New Member

    We have named our puppy Leonidas, after the Spartan king.
  7. Peachey

    Peachey New Member

    Our one year old is Pomelo. At the time all our pets were named after citrus fruit and the Pomelo is the biggest one.

    Our puppy is named Appa. We let go of the citrus fruit theme and named him after the giant flying bison (Appa) from the Nickelodeon cartoon "Avatar: The last Airbender"
  8. Bern

    Bern New Member

    We have "Ricky Boy", "Lucy Lou" & "Ethel Too" Yes, it is an "I Love Lucy" theme!! LOL
  9. BernerMax

    BernerMax New Member

    Great idea!

    Ha you certainly know your fruit...and cartoons...
  10. Mahallum

    Mahallum New Member


    Named my little girl Montana
  11. Tpick21

    Tpick21 New Member

    Named my big guy Apollo, after the Greek god.
  12. Marynan

    Marynan New Member

    5 days until I go to pick up my pup and haven't decided on his name yet.
    It will either be
    - Tiberius (the Roman emperor and the T in James T Kirk)
    - Antony (from Antony and Cleopatra)
    - Damon (Meaning a loyal friend, from the story of Damon and Phythias)
  13. LittleBo

    LittleBo New Member

    I like Tiberius! Ty for short? I usually like to pick names that are easy to call out if you're outside. Multi-syllables are no fun when they're halfway across the dog park haha.
  14. 3mor

    3mor New Member

    I prefer Arby
    Name of a famous U. S roasted beef shop
    If you dog loves roasted beef then this is a perfect name for your dog:cool:
  15. Lizzy7428

    Lizzy7428 New Member

    We named ours Reece. As in reece's pieces :)
  16. Lachlanpup

    Lachlanpup New Member


    Going to name our pup Teddy Bear "Lachlan" when we pick him up in July. My wife and I were engaged in Ireland, and we wanted a name with Gaelic roots.
  17. Teddy

    Teddy New Member


    We named our big boy Theodore, Teddy for short. It often gets even shorter to Teds. Teddy suits this big cuddly sook of a boy.
  18. Bella&Brie

    Bella&Brie New Member

    I have a Miss Bella and Miss Brie

    Easy to say Bella and Brie for one thing... That was part of the choice of Brie... Bella is so beautifuls she could noet be anythong but ...

    I had a male Blitzen ahe was my first berner. He was born around Christmas and thought the nemae fit
  19. kiwi

    kiwi New Member

    My little boy is named Gif... my husband and I are both geeks, so after the file format. Unintentionally, but coincidentally awesome is that it is an acronym for "Geek In Fur".
  20. firejpn

    firejpn New Member

    Named our new boy Oklahoma "okie" for short easy for the 16 month old to say and short for those persons from Oklahoma. He's a tough boy survived the 2013 Moore, Ok. tornados. SO named after his home state and so the kids can remember their very memorable vacation to the sooner state.

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