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  1. SJTT

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    Our 19 month old female Berner inhales 2 cups of food twice a day. I no sooner put her dish down and it is gone! She gets treats during the day too. She is not overweight...82 pounds. She has always been small for a Berner. She walks about 2 miles almost every day with my husband. And she does spend lots of time outside, but she pretty much is lazy all day long. I just don't know if her eating habits are normal. And, I'm very surprised at how little she drinks....
  2. grstamping

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    Verocious eater

    if you need your dog to slow down the eating just add a large rock in the bowl and dog will eat around and slow down.
  3. WonderBread

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    What type of food are you feeding? Some kibble isn't as high quality and has lots of fillers in it, which is like junk food for dogs.

    You could try reading reviews of foods at DogFoodAdvisor.com and consider transitioning to something else.

    I walk Tula a minimum of three miles a day and she plays in the yard with the neighbors dog when we wait for the afternoon bus to come. She gets fed 1 1/2 cups of good quality kibble in the morning and about a pound of raw food in the evening. She has been fed kibble for both meals before and it is no more than 3 cups total a day. She weighs 100 lbs. and turned 2 at the end of December.

    Also, I felt Tula didn't drink a lot of water so I started giving her ice cubes in her water and she likes to bob for the ice and eat it.
  4. Mich14200

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    Wow. I am surprised.

    I have a ten month male who eats two cups three times a day. It was 2.5 twice, but he seemed very hungry earlier than dinner time so the vet suggested one cup extra but split three ways.

    Anyway, he is not overweight and don't want him to be. Do you think we are feeding him too much?
  5. Oakley's Mum

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    Opposite problems!!

    We are having the exact opposite problem! My berner is not much of an eater at all. It is becoming a bit of a concern really, as he sometimes eats nothing all day. We feed him on royal canin and try to add different things so that he doesnt get bored eg sardines, cottage cheese. He will have a sniff and walk away. He is a weight for his age (36kg at 8 months) but I am worried he will start to lose weight and become lethargic if he doesnt eat, Can anyone help with some advice? He was at the vet this week, as he was constipated and I am worried this will be come a recurring problem as he just doesnt bother about his food.
  6. Blu

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    What about if he has eaten something that got stuck in his stomac?
  7. Oakley's Mum

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    I thought that may be the problem but the vet felt nothing and he had no abdominal pains. She suggested asparagus, spinach and half a tin of this special food that they give to dogs to encourage them to eat. He wolfed that for a couple of meals and the constipation went and hes fine now. I do worry about his eating habits.
  8. Blu

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    Is this going on for how many days? Did she check his throat? It might have sorethroat..... Is he normally drinking?
  9. Oakley's Mum

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    Yes he is drinking fine. He is well in himself and he looks at his food as if to say im not eating that. Treats are no problem i might add!! I am keeping an eye on him and wont hesitate to visit the vet. He does think he is human and it has crossed my mind that he is protesting against 'dog food'!
  10. Blu

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    :D are you feeding him with "human food" too??? Ah ah :)then I guess tha's the reason why he doesn't like dog food any more.....:)
  11. SJTT

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    Seems like my original post has gotten off the track - I hope Oakley is feeling better.

    Bonney eats a good quality food - grain free - for large breed dogs. She loves ice cubes. She digests her food fine - never gets sick after she eats. I'm thinking that as she gets older her appetite may decrease.
  12. Oakley's Mum

    Oakley's Mum New Member

    If it would make him eat, I would feed him human food!!!!!!! He does have egg, sardines and left over chicken etc. I have tried him with frozen raw food and he ate it fine and then after a day or two decided he didnt want that either. I must admit, I am getting quite anxious over this although I am trying not to. There is so much choice over dog food, I just dont know what to do:(
  13. hlm

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    We feed our boy 3x a day. I have always believed in smaller meals more often for our big dogs. It is beneficial in avoiding gastro issues as well as bloat, and I find they are more sated throughout the day and less ravenous at meal times, and in between for that matter. You might try dividing those 4 cups over 3 meals and see what happens, and perhaps add a healthy snack in between meals as well (our guy is particularly fond of carrots and apples). Most dogs to a degree will eat pretty fast, if you are worried about how fast she's eating you might try a slow feeder, they just require the dog to work a little harder to get the food (I have heard from friends that they work great) thus slowing down the meal. If she's not over weight you may also want to up her food a little. Perhaps she just needs the calories right now. And of course give her at least an hour after eating before doing any exercise. As for water, ice cubes are a great way to get some fluids in her, we have ice cube trays that are shaped like bones which our guy can't get enough of at certain times of the day, plus he thinks it's fun that he can ask me for them and I'll get them :), we also freeze watermelon chunks in the summer time, a great treat and full of water, to make sure he doesn't dehydrate and stays cool in the heat. One other thing, may sound weird, our boy also thinks that drinking from the garden hose is fun, so I always offer him water from the hose when we are outside, even though there's a freshly filled bowl right next to the hose, the hose is way more fun…… go figure!!!
    hope some of that's helpful for you!!!
    Best wishes!

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