1. Megscott73

    Megscott73 New Member

    So we have an appointment today at 4:20 for Heidi. I noticed earlier that she has discharge from her vagina. It's whitish-yellowish and is all crusty on her fur there. She also has little scabs in the area, which I assume is from her biting herself. We have been having problems with housebreaking her (peeing in her crate after she goes outside) and peeing 2-3 times when outside. She is 10.5 weeks old. Could this be a urinary tract infection?
  2. Megscott73

    Megscott73 New Member

    Well, she has vaginitis. Not sure how she got it, but one of the symptoms is increased unrination frequency. We got an antibiotic and things should be getting better soon! Yay!
  3. Kimbernese

    Kimbernese New Member

    I'm sorry she's sick, but glad that you know what's going on and it can be treated!

    I'll bet that in a few days, she will be feeling so much better, you'll think you have a different puppy.
  4. SJTT

    SJTT Member


    Seems our Bonney (to be 9 months old this week) has a UTI. It is Sunday so I can't get to the vet until tomorrow. Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone whose puppy has had a UTI:
    For the very first time she has urinated in her crate at night (two nights in a row). She never did this - not even as a brand new puppy.
    Squats frequently (especially while out hiking) but very little, if any, urine. And I think I spotted a little blood in her urine. She doesn't whine or seem to be in any discomfort and isn't licking herself at all.
    Should I be really worried or is it just part of the course?
  5. Megscott73

    Megscott73 New Member

    Heidi wound up having vaginitis - not a UTI, but I know from experience with a previous dog that those symptoms sound like a UTI for sure. I would call the vet tomorrow. They'll probably give her an antibiotic to clear it up.
  6. Kimbernese

    Kimbernese New Member

    It sounds like it could be a UTI, so definitely get her in to the vet ASAP.

    In the meantime, you can do a flush. Do you give her cranberry capsules? With my puppy, for the flush, I gave him 6 cranberry capsules with lots and lots of water. I set out chicken broth next to his fresh water to encourage him to drink a lot (the broth tasted good and was a good way to get liquids into him, plus the salt in the broth made him thirstier for the fresh water).

    Really push the liquids.
  7. SJTT

    SJTT Member

    Got it right - UTI

    Just came home from the vet. My suspicion was right. Bonney has a UTI. So, antibiotics for 10 days. I'm sure she'll be better in no time...just wondering how she got it and if this will likely occur again....
  8. BernerRescue

    BernerRescue New Member

    Vaginitis is very common in puppies and is more often than not a cleanliness issue. Many Berners given their fur will be susceptible to recurring cases of this unless they get a "hygiene trim" which just means trimming the fur around that area and ensuring it is washed regularly.

    Be careful letting any over zealous vet or vet tech trim your dog as trimming too close to the area or too short will cause extreme discomfort (think stubble pricking into your privates) so not to be taken lightly.

    Some dogs have extra skin there as well which makes the need to clean the area more important.

    A weekly wash of just that area should be all that is needed to clear that up. Make sure you rinse well :)

  9. BernerRescue

    BernerRescue New Member

    Is she spayed? If so, at what age? Keep a look out as these are common in spayed girls but usually not until much much later in life....

    In the meantime, you should re-evaluate her diet as diets that are too alkaline for a dog will set them up for these readily. You likely need to acidify her diet more (canines are more acidic than humans and need to be on the acidic side of ph) so avoid grains in her food.


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