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    Nanna is alittle over 3 months old. She seems to have an upset tummy alot. She has been the the er vet because of it and we weren't sure what was wrong. Is this normal as a puppy. Will she out grow it? She drools, want to be in her crate and walks around like she is blind when she is not feeling well. I have had 3 different vets look at her and they all said she is very healthy. I have her on Nutra puppy mixed with purina puppy chow. I was going to switch her off puppy in about a month or so unless I run out first. I hate crating her but when we are gone during the day I feel it is the safest for her until she is older. What do you think?
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    There's quite a few threads on here about pups with diarrhea- is it the runs that she has?
    Metamucil added to Molly's food helped her tons- basically it removes the excess water from her stool- around 5-8 months we were having the same problem- constant accidents that she was embarassed by, needing out in the middle of the night. We did tons of tests and nothing ever came back as a problem. Metamucil has helped her tons. Good Luck!
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    She acts like she is sick. She does have diarehha but not really bad. I am making chicken and rice for her to see if it helps
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    When Bowser was a few months old he had upset tummy alot. We found that he could tollerate the chicken and rice. He is allergic to both the chicken and grains. We switched his food and his is pretty good. Also when you let your pup out is she on a leash or just able to roam about? Because we let Bowser out by himself and found he would eat various things that causes him tummy aches.
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    I had to try TONS of foods before I found one that firmed up Gracies stools

    I currently use taste of the wild pacific stream.
    Works like a charm . Even though I tried lots of other foods al ost EXACT same ingredients( or lack of ingredients), this was the one that finally did the trick. Other foods did HALF OK but I'm glad i wasn't satisfied with HALFOK and went for FULLY OK:)
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    70% of the immune system is in the digestive tract so it is no surprise that we see so much digestive sensitivity in this breed. Every Berner I have owned plus all but 1 that I have fostered/rescued has had a sensitive tummy and digestive tract - very common.

    I know by now that anyone who reads my responses knows my platform that I beat over and over - IMMUNE DEFICIENT so no surprise here.

    I always recommend that folks bringing home a new puppy start their pup very slowly on new foods. I don't know anyone who feeds kibble so for those of you who do this can't be done in this way but I start my puppies on one protein and one vegetable to ensure they are good with it and add one food at a time over the course of several weeks to ensure that if I see a reaction, I can readily tell to what.

    If a puppy has been over-vaccinated (or comes from ancestors who were over-vaccinated) they typically have issues with chicken or beef as these are used in vaccines. Dogs who have a yeast imbalance will be intolerant of starches and sugars (grains and root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes).

    Berners often have a bacterial overload in their guts because their immune systems just can't keep this in check as a healthy one would. I never recommend the over-use of antibiotics but sometimes just 3-5 days of this can clear up sensitivity. In the case of yeast, this is also a failure of the immune system to keep things in balance. A good system detox is in order in this case and I use things such as olive leaf, pau d'arco, and uviva (probiotic).

    Otherwise, a general sensitivity (IBS) or allergies (which often manifest in the gut) can be soothed with gut soothers: ginger root, marshmallow root, slippery elm, and licorice are all good supplements. In the case of extreme gut lining irritation which includes colitis, gastritis, chrohn's disease, IBS, I love the supplement AMP Floracel - nothing cures an ulcer and colitis better than this and I have seen it time and time again.

    IBD is another story however and sadly this is an immune system really gone bad - the things I mention above are worth a try - and of course, the earlier the intervention, the better - but once a leaky gut syndrome has formed or the immune system is actively attacking (IBD), more serious interventions are needed.

    The key: start by supporting the immune system - do not assault the immune system any more than is truly necessary (vaccines, pesticides, soaps/phosphate based detergents, and processed food can all take their toll).

    Natural Berners is the largest raw/homecooked/natural rearing breed list on the web for a reason - more ultimately resort to feeding their dogs a fresh, whole foods diet due to the digestive sensitivity that is so common.....Berners do best on whole fresh foods.

    Hope that helps!
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