Update on Olliie's lump.

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    After we had managed to muzzle him and Gorden had hold of his head me his handle on his harness and the vet nurse his rear end the vet was able to have a feel around his rib cage for us. Can you tell Ollie gets very stressed by the vet. :rolleyes: she did manage to vaccinate him too.

    There is definately a lump there that shouldn't be there she cannot give us a firm diagnosis of course but has advised us to keep an eye on it and watch for it growing. She has said a lot of cancers can be slow in taking off. We have decided to leave him be he is happy, eating in fact scrounging which is not like him at all he has been wormed so not sure what that is all about and leaping about while waiting for us to get ready to take him for his morning walk and if he wants a game.

    If it does turn out to be something nasty we will watch and when he cannot cope we will say our goodbyes we will not stress him out our other dog was fine with all the vet visiting Ollie will not be.
    The vet felt that was the best way to approach it too.

    Its a waiting game now so we are in limbo happy that he is well but waiting for him to take a downward turn possibly.
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