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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Grooming Forum' started by bernermom, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    Does anyone know of any nail clippers that are really good? We have a terrible time trying to clip Rileys nails and they get so long, so fast! He HATES to have them clipped too. It is always an ordeal. Any suggestions or tips would be great.
  2. putnam2202

    putnam2202 New Member

    Have you ever ordered any dog supplies from Drs. Fosters and Smith? Here's a link.Pet Supplies, Dog Supplies, Cat Supplies, Pet Meds & Pet Products They have all great products, and their products really hold up too. You can get on their mailing list and they'll send you product catalogs if you don't like to place internet orders. Another thing to try is just using a nail file, and filing them down. It may not be as traumatic as using nail clippers!
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  3. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    That's funny, I just got a catalog the other day, and I dont even know how I got it! I havent really gone through it yet, just flipped the pages, but it does look like they have some really cool stuff. I keep seeing that commercial for the pedi-paws???? It looks really neat, but I cant imagine Riley would even let me get close to him with something that had batteries! He HATES:eek: having his paws messed with. My husband is the one that always gets the job of clipping the nails. Just like right now he is the one that has the fun job of giving Riley a bath. And he is doing it in the bathtub!! :D Better him than me!!!!!!!!!
  4. Lynn

    Lynn New Member

    Sensitive paws must be another Berner trait Ollie is the same his paws are so sensitive, I am only now able to trim the fur between pads without loads of tripe sticks, he gets when one when finished now for being good, it is difficult to trim with his large mouth round my wrist no pressure from him but it seems to be the way he likes to do things.
    I file his nails with a nail file for dogs he doesn't mind that too much.
  5. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    Has anyone seen / used the Pedi-Paws? I keep seeing the advertisement and wondering if it is all hype or not?????
  6. stitch413

    stitch413 New Member

    havn't seen these but i use a guillotine type (like a cigar cutter) clippers as appossed to a scissors type, i find its a bit safer... i also lay 'Darby' on his side and lift the paw closest to the ground to trim the nails, he cannot pull as easily this way, i also taught him to shake hands so he doesn't mind me touching his paws at all!

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