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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Noname, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Noname

    Noname New Member

    I was wondering if you could tell me what bernese are really like to live with. I have read some bits and pieces on the internet but want to hear it from people who actually live with them. I know from experience that there is not such thing as a "text-book" dog and whilst books are useful, I like to hear it direct from those who live with them. I have children aged between 6 and 11, have had GSDs in the past and recently lost our last one to HD. Our children are very dog savvy and wouldnt dream of teasing a dog and are not intimidated at all by size, if anything they are not fond of the smaller breeds having only lived with big dogs.

    Any help would be great
  2. Lynn

    Lynn New Member

    They are great dogs to live with.

    Like all puppies they will bite and jump so you have to have your training plan in place and all members of the family must be aware of the routine and all stick to it rigidly.

    They do not do well trained harshly ie: Yanking tugging or shouting you can change the tone of your voice but shouting can make them nervous. They are very food orientated so training for treats is good. Or a special toy.

    They will make you laugh they may make you silently scream and possibly rock in a corner at times but they are worth every minute of it. But then any breed can do that I had a cross breed puppy 10 years ago and he was a total nightmare he grew into the most wonderful dog.

    Once past all the naughty bits they make wonderful dogs to share your life with.

    When young they need limited exercise so not for a family wo wants to take a young dog hiking for hours. They can have many health problems so doing research on breeders is a good way to go and possibly one that is a member of the breed club is good too. Visit breeders and their dogs if possible.

    Mentally they do not mature till around 3.

    I find this site very useful.
  3. JBeaner

    JBeaner New Member

    Truman is our first Berner and he is the stereotypical Berner, BUT at 14 months he is still a handful (I say that with a ton of love). We went through the biting/mouthing stage for some time and he finally has grown out of that (for the most part). He makes us laugh and definitely thinks he is a lapdog. They have such amazing spirits and are so soulful. He is very protective of his house/territory, but not in an agressive manner, just can bark quite a bit. Loves being outside too. He does learn rather quickly, but has the tendency to make what he has learned optional at times. I think this is probably any dog though. Best of luck as even through the difficult times when you question your sanity, they are really a very special breed.
  4. Noname

    Noname New Member

    Thank you both for your replies. I was wondering if you could tell me what they are like in the house? I have read (somewhere!) that they are very calm and are happy to laze around in the hosue and was wondering if this was true.

    I have read that they shed a lot but what would this be like in comparison to another dog? I have had GSDs so know how much they can shed, is a bernese anything like this amount or are the more/less of a shedder?
  5. JBeaner

    JBeaner New Member

    Yes,the shedding part is true. It's absolutely amazing how much fur they shed in a single day, but if you've already had dogs that do, there shouldn't be any surprises :). Truman goes to daycare 3x/week and as from what I can tell, these guys thrive being with people & dogs. He has destroyed our wall, the side of our fireplace mantle and the ballister to our stairs :eek: But, we let him have too much freedom and think it was his way of letting us know. He hasn't touched anything since (we keep him in our kitchen when we are away & he has done very well). Dogs will be dogs and they definitely need boundaries, but this is really a phenomenol breed. I would definitely recommend going through a reputable breeder and plan on waiting some time as from what I can tell breeders of Berners are very protective & cautious. Best.
  6. noritje

    noritje New Member

    I think... it depends on the berner. Milo is calm at home, he played for a while and then sleeps his day off. Of course he is just 3 months old, so that might change later.

    I don't know if it is also genetics or how he was raised by his mom... when I met the mom, she was calm, not barky but curious...

    And I also asked the breeder for the calmest puppy in the litter.

    He is not chewing anything forbidden (yet), not mouthy, not barky but I read a lot here but berner can be all of those... it's true dogs will always be dogs but you as the pack leader should set the boundaries.

    One thing for sure, the first 3 weeks of having him was the hardest and then it gets better and better and you know you can't get a better dog!
  7. BernerRescue

    BernerRescue New Member

    I recommedn you go to the site and check out the info series for the best and most accurate info. I also recommend you contact a Breed Steward near you, listed on the site...this is what they are for....questions re: the breed and guidance.

    Berners shed three times what a GSD does for the record. This is a northern, cold weather working breed unlike a GSD and thereby "blows" coat each year in a heavy mass shed. Many are alarmed who are uneducated about the breed to see that amount of hair loss - hair in your fridge, in your drawers, and under your bed. I just replaced my mattress for example and when the mattress was removed my entire carpet was covered in a 1 inch thick layer of black berner coat, despite twice weekly vacumming!
  8. lynn2

    lynn2 New Member

    Idon't think anyone can tell you about personality except all are different.... Just like any other breed. Someone metion chewong and destroying a few things.... My Gracie chewed a couple 99 cent rubber flip flops and never chewed anything else. Even outgrew her lust for rubber flip flops :).

    I can however say that ALL Berners shed MUCH MORE then you could even dream. Imagine taking a pillowcase of hair and spreading it all over your house.....EVERY DAY! If your not prepared to deal with hairballs everywhere, constant vacuuming and hair in even your food all the time..... Then you probably would not be happy:rolleyes:
  9. Lynn

    Lynn New Member

    Tumbleweed. You just think you have cleaned it up and out from under a cupboard or chair comes another ball of fur roiling around daring you to catch it. :)

    Ollie our first Berner did some wall chewing not much and then was very good. Dillon our new berner is doing the same but as of yet has done no damage mainly because I am here most of the day all days.

    He is left on his own for short periods now and is good and goes to sleep he does get his 15 minute walk before we go out.

    He has his mad moments and is quite demanding but he is only 15 weeks old today so still is very much a puppy and on a learning curve.
  10. Noname

    Noname New Member

    Thank you all very much for the replies, they certainly make intersting reading and give me some food for thought.

    As for the link, unfortunately this is not much use to me as I live in the UK and not the USA. It will however be useful for information on the breed altho not on where to get one from.

    Can I ask how much do bernese drool? I have tried to find out infor about this but most UK infor is scarce.

    Thank you all again for your continued help
  11. lynn2

    lynn2 New Member

    I guess there are exceptions..... But the drooling thing in my opinion is a myth. None of mine drool and no one I know with a purebred bernese says they drool:)
  12. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    Same here.... No drooling :)
  13. noritje

    noritje New Member

    yup same here no drooling.
  14. maria

    maria New Member

    Another non-drooler. Our girl turns six in a couple of months.

    The only thing she chewed as a puppy was a ruffle that needed to come off the sofa anyway. She brought me out of the '80s.

    Very mellow in the house. Artemis definitely takes her cues from us, emotional as well as disciplinary. Our end of it is making sure she has what she needs, as she's definitely more restless or agitated if she doesn't have enough exercise or attention.

    Friends have GSDs, my neighbor has a Berner, and I'd have to say the Berners are more laid-back. Ours is kind of a couch (well, rug) potato.

    She most adamantly does not fetch.
  15. Rowan

    Rowan New Member

    Snap no Drooling in our house either!!!!

    and no Fynn does not fetch either Maria lol

    He is the first Berner we have had and I would defainatly do it all again they are just the BEST Dogs (apart from the shedding :( ) we have had no problems at all with chewng he just doesnt!! but he does like to steel stuff and take it outside and hide them under a tree in the Garden so funny the things we have found outside :D

    Just be prepared to have a 100+lb Lap Dog he loves to sit on your knee or just touching you somehow !

    They have to be the gentlest and most Loyal dogs ever :D
  16. Lynn

    Lynn New Member

    I live in the UK too. The site is very good re: information about feeding and expected weights at certain ages and that sort of thing. We have a breed club here too. The Bernese mountain dog club of Great Britain. If you put it into google it will bring it up it is then sectioned off like most breed clubs depending on which part of the country you live.

    They start the run of events soon the garden party is a good one to go too even if you do not have your puppy yet. Get to meet some dogs and breeders and talk to people.

    It is wise if possible to look for a breeder that is a member as they have to adhere to strict guidelines re: breeding and they are also very helpful the people who run the club. Google Bernese news too you will see information about shows etc., and the dogs that do well and who bred them.

    Drooling depends some drool a fair bit others don't it depends on how tight the flews are the side flaps of the mouth if they are fairly loose they may drool more than others. You can not really tell till they start developing. I think they all drool if you are eating something tasty though.

    Where abouts in the Uk are you ? If you are near enough you are more than welcome to visit and meet Dillon our 15 week bundle of mischief.
  17. lynn2

    lynn2 New Member

    No fetching here either:)

    Ok wait! She does FETCH every time I tell her"GET IT", then she runs back with it in her mouth and runs circles around me and plays "let's see you can get from me":rolleyes:
  18. BernerRescue

    BernerRescue New Member

    You should still have the same resources in the UK - check out the club closest to you:

    Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Club - Other BMD Clubs

    And the BMDCA site, and info series is still invaluable for information regarding the breed and should be reviewed.

    Some lines drool heavily if they have loose flews -but the breed SHOULD be dry mouthed with tight flews. Here is where seeing the parents, and knowing about the grandparents and great grandparents is key - as this will tell you.

    All Berners have the potential to drool when excited and waiting for food......something to consider. This breed is usually highly food motivated and this is what makes training so easy.
  19. Noname

    Noname New Member

    Thanks again for all of your help. I am getting a nice little collection of sites in my favourites that I am looking at.

    Not sure when we are looking at getting another dog. We only lost our boy at Christmas but I am spending the time doing my homework to try and decide which breed and you are all being really helpful

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