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    :eek:Hi there,
    What a great forum and an awesome way for Berner parents to connect :) Our boy Truman is 13 weeks old and he loves to use my husband and I (or anyone who comes over) as human chew toys. We have tried everything (putting a toy in his mouth over our hands, fingers, arms, etc., saying "no", "ouch", pretending we are another puppy yelping, spraying ourselves with bitter apple, ignoring) and he would much rather bite us than the plethera of toys we have purchased for him. He is such a love, but he can get really excited and his bite is really hurtful. Any advice for a novice Berner mom? Please tell me this will subside over time, as we haven't had a puppy in 9 years. I do remember these days with our 9 year old, but they didn't seem to be this bad

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    Glad you like the forum! :)

    Riley was exactly the same way. We did everything you just mentioned. The apple bitters worked "sometimes" lol Our Vet even scolded me once when he saw all the little teeth marks in my arms:eek:. You just have to be diligent and have lots of patience...... That goes for every single aspect of their training. But once they "Get It"....... you will have the most wonderful Companion that you could ever imagine!
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    LOL, welcome to everyones problem, and yes when they get it they get it. I hear everyone say they are "mouthy" and yes they are.

    Storm still ah how shall I say it, ah, checks us for bugs. He runs his teeth up and down us like he is grooming. does it when he is excited or anxious. never hurts us though.

    good luck

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