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  1. Kelly Anne

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    Has anyone had their BMD spayed, had dew claws removed, and an umbilical hernia? I just had Daisy done on Friday, and was wondering if anyone had any input about recovery and the future? I feel so bad for her in the cone. My husband says we should have let her go through a heat first. Anyone have any comments?
  2. younakan

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    Sorry I don't have any answers for you, but I have similar questions as we have booked Heidi in for her spaying in a few weeks, just after she turns 6 months. From everything we've read, there are pros and cons no matter what and when you decide to do it. We were wondering if anyone has advice on the timing. We decided on 6 months to make sure she didn't have her first heat so as to cut down on future cancer risk (and not have to deal with the mess!). But having it done too early can affect her still growing bones. If anyone has advice or experience to share, that would be great. I'd also be interested to hear tips on how to deal with the recovery stages.
  3. Kelly Anne

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    Daisy is 6 months, and recovering fine she HATES the cone and it breaks my heart she has to wear it, she has s going to the vet tonight to get her bandages changed on on her hind paws I hope she will be fine, they were growing outwards and because they are attached by ligament and not bone and can catch on things and tear normally to remove them is cosmetic the vet told us. Or they are removed at birth, like dogs have their ears pinned, the dew claws have no use. I'm sure she will be fine she walks perfectly with the bandages on. I guess I'm an overprotective mom!
  4. patricia

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    Our vet recommended that Sabrina not be spayed until after her first heat and to wait until 12-14 months to allow the growth plates to fully form, etc. She had her first heat at 14 months, so we ended up having her spayed at 16 months. I know there are pros and cons associated with both schools of thought, but I felt that there was no risk to waiting (other than the dog in heat experience!). The cone is the worst for a giant puppy bumping into everything! I got to the point where I'd give her a small piece of cheese everytime I went to put the cone on and then she was actually excited to see it lol

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