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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BernerinCO, Jun 22, 2015.

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    My Bernese is 19 months old and recently "blew" his coat. Previously his coat was shiny and soft, however it is now dull and coarse after shedding a majority of his coat for the summer months. Is this normal? Thank you!

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    Emma goes through times when her coat seems to be kind of dull too. We give her fish oil daily and add coconut oil to her food. :) So yes, I think it is normal. How did you like the "blowing of the coat" ? lol It's amazing they have any fur left at all !
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  3. Cleo

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    I wish I would have found this thread a few weeks ago when Cleo was blowing her coat. I was beside myself. I even took her to the vet. I could have saved some $. When the vet told me she was blowing her coat and it was normal, I protested because her fur was coming out in clumps and every swipe of the brush was full of hair. He said the test was if it was coming out in clumps and she was bald, then that would be a bad sign. He showed me how at the base of her coat the hair was short and healthy black with no bald areas.

    Cleo's first sign of blowing her coat was the ends of her once luxurious thick shiny black coat became a rusty, dull sun bleached color on her back. I thought it was odd. Then her coat seemed to get a little dull... like she had been rolling in the dirt. I noticed when I brushed her, tons of hair was coming out, but it looked like the duller stuff so I kept brushing... and it kept coming out... and well, over about a 10 day period I could no longer loose sight of my fingers in her coat. Her hair was short and coarse, it felt awful to me, like one of those little wire haired dogs. Oh! And she looked skinny... I was so worried about her health. Where did my soft fluffy teddy bear go?

    It has been over three weeks now... and my fingers are getting lost in her fur again, and she is softer. Not as soft as her velvety puppy coat, but soft and shiny. She will be 16 months old, she is measures 26", and she weighs 107 pounds. The reality is, she is leaning more toward adulthood and I have to accept that.

    I give her NaturVet Omega-Gold soft chews now every day. She likes them as a treat, and I have to say she is fairly snooty when it comes to treats. The soft chews include Salmon oil, Linoleic Acid (Omega-6 Fatty Acid), Linolenic Acid (Omega-3 Fatty Acid), DHA and EPA.

    I hope these posts helps someone else someday.
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  4. Cassy

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    I use virgin coconut oil too when it comes to the coating of my berner.
  5. summersnowbr

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    Do you give your dogs an egg. Sierra gets two a day (She prefers hard boiled) Eggs have Vitamin B7 and Vitamin H which is needed in a doges diet lack of this can cause dogs coat to dry out and even hair loss and skin problems. If your dog is allergic to eggs you can try carrots which has Biotin which can help too..
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    Thank you Cleo, I have been freaking out about our one year old blowing her coat too! It is incredible the amount that is coming off of her this week! I was worried there was something wrong with her, so glad to hear it is normal. I will also try the supplements, why not? Thanks again for your post and saving me a vet visit.

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