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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Health Questions' started by Maddie, May 20, 2008.

  1. Maddie

    Maddie New Member

    I have heard that some dogs have problems peculiar to their breed.

    St. Bernards usually develop hip problems, but do Berners also develop the same hip problems?

    It may seem a silly question, but they look like St. Bernards so I thought there may be some issues they have in common.
  2. liowkc

    liowkc New Member

    Most of the diseases aflicting Bernese dogs are hereditary thogh nutriition and breeding also play a role.
  3. maryelser

    maryelser New Member

    Bernese dogs sometimes do develop hip dysplasia, as do st. bernards. They both also can develop heart problems and bloat. Bernese and st. bernards share a mastiff ancestor. Both breeds are large dogs and large dogs sometimes have problems because of their large frames
  4. R1986

    R1986 New Member

    I know that Berners can have mobility problems in later life due to their big frame. Their natural heaviness wears out their bones and joints pretty quickly so this is something that comes with the territory as far as I know.
  5. jessica

    jessica New Member

    Hey, guys. All these information is making me sad. As I said time and again, we are set on adopting a Berner for a pet. Are there ways to prevent such unfortunate events from happening? Please share them here. Thanks in advance.
  6. stitch413

    stitch413 New Member

    a proper diet, proper joint supplements, proper excercise and a good breeder will usually help avoid a lot of these problems... oh and all the love and care you can lavish!!

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