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    Hello, everyone! I am so excited to have found this forum! My name is Kym, I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I first started researching Berners about 5 years ago, and think they will fit into my family perfectly! My husband and I also own a black lab and a Chihuahua-MinPin rescue baby. Last month, I had to say goodbye to my 14 1/2 year old best friend, Shelby. She too was a rescue dog, a black lab/shepherd mix. She had been abused and was not great around kids. This wasn't a big issue until we became grandparents 5 years ago-but we managed to keep everyone safe and happy!

    I am currently trying to find the best puppy to join our family. I am in love with this breed! I have found a breeder I think I would like to go with, but have had a couple of people warn me to be really selective where I go. I don't know how to rule out breeders, since I usually go with rescue pets. Any suggestions on how to find out if someone is reputable? The lady I am interested in, I can't find anything bad, but I can't find any reviews, period.

    Thank you for any help, and thank you for having such a great place to get info! :)

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    Welcome Kym!

    I agree with you, a BMD search can feel frustrating. I tried going through the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America -- The BMDCA referral route often to find that referred BMD website was down and or a breeder or club who did not respond. I encountered lengthy applications and at times felt like the BMD world was a private club and I was not welcome.

    If you have someone in mind and you have visited their place and trust them then you are very close.

    Not all breeders are online with a social media presence.

    But most should be in this database; one way or another:

    Berner-Garde, The Open Bernese Mountain Dog Database

    Perhaps this will assist you in furthering your research.

    Welcome and best of luck.
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    Thank you for this info! I hope I am replying to this correctly! The breeder I had found is in the bernergarde data base. Do you think that is a good sign? I too have filled out multiple applications with breeders and don't get as much as a thanks but no thanks. It is frustrating and I do feel like nobody wants to help me get into the "Berner Club"! I have so, so much to offer a new fur baby, I just want to make sure I am getting one that will be as healthy as possible! Thank you!!
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    I got my baby from the Schakels in Indiana. Good folks

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