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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Health Questions' started by odinmyberner, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. odinmyberner

    odinmyberner New Member

    Hi! My 5 1/2 year old berner odin's front legs shake a lot when he doesn't put any weight on them. I noticed this recently and it happens when he is sitting or sometimes when he is lying down. Any ideas on what is causing this trembling? Thanks for your input!
  2. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    Hi, Welcome to Bernertalk, and glad you are here!
    Does Odin seem like he is in any pain? or is it more like a muscle spasm? Our boy, Rileys has always had a problem (?) with his right front leg. When he is sitting and or even standing and doesnt have all of his weight on it, it seems to tremble or shake. But he has never done this while lying down. The vet took X-rays and they couldnt really tell me anything either. It doesnt hurt him at all, so we have just kind of chalked this up to one of his quirks. Has Odin been to the vet? What did they think?

  3. odinmyberner

    odinmyberner New Member

    Odin definitely is not in any pain- we hike the mountains of WV every day so I would have noticed if he was limping or favoring one leg or the other. I took him to the vet as soon as I noticed him doing it and got a similar diagnosis. It doesn't seem to bother him at all- I was just curious if this was just another wonderful Berner quirk! Thank you!!
  4. yogi2008

    yogi2008 New Member

    My Berner does this also. I met someone with a berner also and his dog did it too. So i think it is the breed. My vet said the best thing to me. she said that they are a very floppy breed. I don't know but it made me feel better.

  5. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    What a perfect description...floppy dog! :) Welcome to BernerTalk, and congratulations on your new puppy. We are glad you found us too. Is this your first Bernese? Riley was our first, but now that we have have him, we are hooked on the breed. They are WONDERFUL dogs. Or I should say family members. How old is your pup? Enjoy the puppy stage while you can, because before you know it he will be a DOG. I swear they seem to grow right before your eyes! The picture of him in your avitar is adorable! We would love to see some more pictures when you have time. We are looking forward to hearing all about your new addition. Congrats again on the new baby!
  6. yogi2008

    yogi2008 New Member


    Your puppy is too cute! Yogi is my first berner, he is 7 months now and i can't believe how big is . I am so hooked on this breed i want to get another one.

  7. Blinkin

    Blinkin New Member

    My puppy has the little leg twitches too. It is just one foot and it only happens when she is laying or sitting. I'm really glad to hear others have had this happen too. I was starting to get worried!

    Berners are definitely floppy dogs! :)
  8. Brenda

    Brenda New Member

    WOW, mine does too and she's 5 months. Front leg gets the shakes sometimes
  9. dellasdad

    dellasdad New Member

    my "floppy dog" is now 6 months and her front left leg sometimes does this too when she's sitting.

    It's reassuring to share this with the group and find comfort in that it seems to be a characteristic of the breed :)
  10. xiaoyezai

    xiaoyezai New Member

    My 9 weeks Heidi does that too when she is sitting sometimes. At first I thought maybe she is tired, but she does that when she just woke up. Thanks god I found this website and I am released after reading. Berner is such a wonderful breed and I can't stop telling all of my friends how cute she is. She even didn't cry or whine at the first day to the new home, but just breathe heavily when she was sleeping, I guess she was nervous but we didn't have to deal with the crying all night.

    I will keep coming back to see more updates from other berner owners. :)
  11. momswish

    momswish New Member


    Gosh all of you guys have me soo jealous of these new bernese puppies! I have been in touch with a few breeders and cannot seem to locate a local litter..... We are in NJ where are all these pups from?:confused:
  12. Mike&Brutus

    Mike&Brutus New Member

    shaky legs

    Hi All,

    My 1.5 yr Berner Brutus shakes his leg also, I was getting worried myself.

    I wonder what other questions this site can answer for me?

  13. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    Hi and welcome to the site! Apparently this is a common thing. But so far I haven't been able to find out what it comes from???? Rileys has been shaking his leg since he was a pup...he is 4 now. And it is always the front right. Which one does Brutus shake???

  14. Mike&Brutus

    Mike&Brutus New Member

    With Brutus is tends to be whichever leg is not supporting much weight. I think I read that with some other posters also.
  15. Lucky-Liz

    Lucky-Liz New Member

    I think you should not worry very much. All 3 of our Bernese had the shaking front legs when they were puppies but only one has had any health issues as they grew older. It may be a Berner type of "growing pains" which my husband had as a kid. I wouldn't worry too much unless your dog also starts limping for more than a few days. Even then, most often rest will cure any soreness. It's only if the dog or puppy refuses to use a leg for more than about a week that I'd take them to the vet. I do recommend ALL Berner owners to get vet insurance, if only for the first 2 or 3 years when many genetic issues about joints show up.
  16. BoBerner

    BoBerner New Member

    Shaking Legs

    We have a new addition to our family, a 4 mo Berner who also has shaky legs. We got him when he was 8 weks old and din't realize notice anything until he was about 3 months. We took him to the vet and shew anted us to keep an eye on when his legs are shaking the most and we've narrowed it down to after he is playing. We have a 2 year old Akita female and an 11 year old Flat Coat Retriever Male. Bo, our Berner, runs around with the Akita for what seems like hours and when he gets tired he will lay down and his front legs are shaking. Haven't had x-rays done yet but will definitely keep an eye on it.
  17. Lynn

    Lynn New Member

    Having just recently lost my 41/2 year old berner with health issues muscles and spinal I would keep an eye on them.

    I am not trying to alarm anyone but this is the reason why I say watch very carefully.

    If they start at any time intermittent lameness then get it looked into and if they seem uncomfortable when trying to lay down get it looked into.

    Ollie showed intermittent lameness most of his life was exercise intolerant but never had the shaking legs. He had been under the vets on and off for the lameness he was always better by the time we arrived at the vets.

    Unfortunatley even with extensive testing we did not know what was wrong with him till a post mortem was done.

    They are complex breed in all areas health and training, they can be fine one minute then down the next so please please I urge you to watch over them.

    Ollie was running on the field one morning in the snow trying to get his friend Maisie the Old English Sheepdog to chase him by the early hours of the morning Thursday we were at a vet hospital everyone stumped as he seemed fine again when we arrived by the next evening he was admitted and then it was all down hill from there. No injuries that day just the normal walk and chasing around for a few minutes as was his way.

    As most of you point out they are already adult and are coping with the shaking and showing no untoward signs. There is a condition called tremblers or wobblers mostly Great Danes and Dobermans but also known to be found in Bernese.
    One to do some research into maybe.

    Just to add Ollie had neither of these he did have a rare degeneration of the spine in the neck area one of the two problems he suffered and it seemed had been suffering with most of his young life.
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  18. BernaBernese

    BernaBernese New Member

    If the dog is experiencing pain then you better watch out for arthritis. Does it bother him?
  19. cubeone

    cubeone New Member

    my 2 or 3 month old puppy does the shaky front legs thing too when she's standing, she has no pain, its mostly her right leg and sometimes her left. When she's laying down it doesn't happen. I still dont know if she's a Bernese or a Aussy shepherd or a mix lol, whatever she is, she is cute and lovable.
  20. SebbysMum

    SebbysMum New Member

    Same boat

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm glad to have found this; Sebastian is 7mo and he has had a shaky left front paw since we brought him home. It doesn't seem to cause him pain, and we have asked the veterinarian and she said to just "wait it out" and if something comes up, well, we will cross that bridge when we get to it. I'm glad that this second opinion is similar to that of my vet. He otherwise doesn't seem to have any underlying health issues :)

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