Shady's ACL repair

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Health Questions' started by Lucky-Liz, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Lucky-Liz

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    Shady recently tore her ACL in her right knee and had TPLO surgery today to repair it. She tore her left knee last fall and that surgery was a great success - we were told at the time that more often than not, the 2nd knee will also go bad but it was still a bit of a shock for it to happen so soon. She is now a "bionic" dog and a very expensive one too! But she is so very young still and we are hoping this gives her many more years with us. Though ACL is not directly related to her OCD, we've been told dogs with OCD do tend to have this injury more often. We tried waiting a bit this time to see if it would get better but our vet said arthritis and lameness would surely make her a very old dog long before her time without intervention. We had to once again go to a specialty vet who takes care of large breed dogs but at least this time, we have been able to bring her home the same day. She is currently in dream-land. Tomorrow the work begins - icing, massage and starting very small range of motion exercises. It's 2 weeks of hell, then things will start to improve and within 2 to 3 months she will be her old self again, ready to return to short hikes in the mountains, her favorite pasttime and one she has not been able to do in nearly a year. Thank goodness Leo seems to be a superbly strong healthy dog, although we've put pet insurance on him "just in case".
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    I'm so happy for you and your Shady that all went well:)my berner who just turned 1 had slightly injured her back right leg and it is the same thing, torn acl. She's only limped once in the past 3 months and that was from being overly excited as usual and hitting that knee on the one step we have on our deck outside. She first injured her leg back in January and I'm sure it was from all the jumping and skidding on the ice that she loves to do:rolleyes:
    I don't know what we are going to do yet with the surgery since she seems fine for now and I'm hoping the other leg stays being healthy. I'm sure there will be surgery down the road within the next 6 months or sooner.
    Please keep posting on your pups progress!:)
  3. Lucky-Liz

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    Shady's doing just fine; her leg is quite swollen and red but we are doing our massage and icing and think it is part of the healing process, much like the first time. She seem more "with it" whether this is "old hat" to her or perhaps we think the pain meds dose is less than we gave her last time so she is more with it. In any case, we are continuing doing massaging, range of motion exercises and putting an ice pack directly on her leg to ease the swelling. Also, she is receiving "k laser therapy" this time which according to all kinds of research, reduces swelling and increases healing time. All else is also good- she has a good appetite and all her doggy parts are working well. She can kind of hobble around although we continue to use a belly belt to help alleviate weight on that leg. We'll continue with the belly belt for another 10 days or so then keep her closely leashed at all times for a further 6 - 8 weeks. I took her best bud Leo up on a 2 hour hike on mountain trails this morning and can't wait to have Shady join us once she is fully recovered. She used to do the same trails last year and loved every minute in the woods! She never really likes just walking but up in the mountains, she really comes alive like she knows she is meant to be in the hills. Oh yeah!, she is a MOUNTAIN dog!!

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