Sensitive puppy, Or Drama Queen???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Amypic, Jul 26, 2017.

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    Our 12 week old female Berner is doing great. One unusual thing we have noticed is that she seems very over-the-top with her reaction to any type of pain.I had been advised that this is a very sensitive breed, and we never yell at or scold her and she has a wonderful friendly personality. We treat her gently, no roughhousing etc.But a few incidents have made us curious… One time she was stepping out of her crate and started yelping and crying and holding her paw up and limping. I assumed she must have stepped on the edge of the crate and hurt her paw or pad, and after a few minutes of petting, she was fine. Another time, she was walking up to the very short steps into our back door and started yelping and squealing in pain, limping, not putting any weight on her paw. I put her on my lap checked both her paws, felt them, bent them, pushed them, looked at the nails etc. Nothing seemed wrong. After about 10 minutes she got up and walked away and was fine and has been totally fine since. Two other times, some small thing has happened, like someone brushes against her in the kitchen when she's sitting next to you on the floor, and she will whine and cry and hold her paw up as if it is broken. She will limp around a little bit. And then after several minutes of cuddling and cooing she gets up and trots away and wants to play and is totally fine. There is nothing physically wrong with her. Her trainer mentioned that she may be a bit of a drama queen, because when she was being leash trained our pup did the same routine of yelping and squealing for about five minutes and then from that point on trotted along happily on her leash. Has anyone else observed this very dramatic behavior from their pup? We have had several mini heart attacks thinking that she is really hurt when it turns out that she is not.
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    I have never experienced that one at all. Sierra has a very high pain tolerances. Nothing seems to make her complain about pain. So I'm not really sure what to think of yours But I'm sure her only being 12 weeks old you must have another Vet appointment. If so have the Vet check that leg out just to play it safe.

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