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    I have never posted on a site before but my vet has me very worried about my Berner pup - Olive - she was the runt of the litter (12 pups) and is now 5 months old and 37 lb. - she was 7 lb when we got her at 8 weeks.
    The vet has me nervous that she is too small and not weighing enough and that she might have congenital issues because her bloodwork prior to setting up her spay operation showed low protein - she has had some issues with parasites - which could be the reason for low protein - they took another parasite test and i am waiting for the results
    Any ideas - is she so undersize - her parents were not large?
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    Good morning. Your pup seems to be a little on the small size but there are many factors involved in a puppies growth. First off..the size of the litter makes a difference and parents genetics play a HUGE role. at 8 weeks the average weight range for Berner pups is 12-24 lbs and they usually gain about 2-4lbs a week for the first few months. At 4 months they may be around 45-50lbs. another thing to remember is that all pups grow at a different rate.
    How does your pup look in comparison to its siblings? You mentioned that the parents aren't large dogs.
    Does your puppy act healthy? How much does she eat and what diet is she on? How does her coat look?
    What does your breeder say about your pup's size?
    Another thing to remember is that you can always get a second opinion on your puppies' health/size.
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    Runt of Litter Weight

    Thank you for your response - Olive was smaller than her littermates but not that substantially - her mom was about 75-80 lb and her dad maybe 100 she has been gaining weight steadily since we have had her.
    She acts like a normal puppy - running, playing and has a healthy appetite - 3 cups of food a day - I feed her Taste of the Wild and add a little cottage cheese - her coat is shiny and she is a beautiful dog - at least I think so - i attached a photo if I did it correctly is another story!!
    The breeder told me she was the smallest of the litter but the most active out of all of them - I havent really had any concerns until yesterday and neither did any of the other vets in the group that I have seen - it was the first the vet yesterday saw Olive.
    I am waiting for the results but I will be heartbroken if something is wrong - to me she is healthy and happy

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  4. LuvmyBerner

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    Olive looks adorable!!! Mom and dad weight's are on the smaller size and a litter of 12 is HUGE!!!!! It is no wonder she only wieghed 7 pounds at 8 weeks. I would be more worried if she wasn't steadily gaining weight at this point..which you said she is so that is a "pawsitive" sign. It is hard not to worry about our pups. She may just turn out to be on the smaller end of range,my girl is 100 lbs at 14 months..she is way over the average but was 23 lbs at 9 weeks old. Everyone thinks she is a male at first glance.
    Either way, keep monitoring her for changes in eating habits, elimination, activity levels and of course follow up with the low protein issue.
  5. olive

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    Runt of Litter Weight

    Thank you - I am feeling a little bit better about things after readking your posts and I appreciate your taking the time to reply to my post!! Enjoy your day and your Berner - they are the best dogs!!!
  6. k1cart

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    Just wanted to share my experience too. We have a 4 year old Berner and he weighs 78 lbs.

    We struggled with digestive issues until about a year ago but he is a happy and healthy dog and our vet is ok with his weight. Everything else checks out well for him.

    Compared to most other Berners he is small but as long as he is healthy we are happy! =)

    As long as your pup is healthy and happy then I wouldn't be overly concerned. Also, a litter of 12 is huge!
  7. aje196

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    She's a cutie!! Our Rosie was on the small side by comparison to other's growth charts. She was from a litter of 10 and was 10 lbs at 9 weeks, 40 lbs at 20 weeks and at a year she was probably 75-80 lbs (I couldn't lift her anymore for our home scale and the scale at the clinic always seems inaccurate). She's now 15 months and maybe 80-85 lbs. Much smaller than the average, but she's never been a huge eater. I started out giving her set feeding times, but I've learned she'll eat when she's hungry and eventually I just left her bowl out so she grazes throughout the day. She's so amazing and tolerant with our 4 young kids, she has energy and plays well, but also tires out and is happy to just rest (usually somewhere up close to you!). If you don't see any behavior or bloodwork that warrants concern about her size, I'd say she's just a petite Berner. Enjoy her for sure! Even full grown "petite" Bernese seem like mammoths to everyone else, it seems!
  8. SMCarrier

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    My baby is very tiny too - she is 10 wks old and only weighs 10 lbs. She comes from a litter of 10 and was the same size as all of the other pups at birth but was smaller than the litter after that. The breeder took extra time and care with her making sure she got plenty to eat and did a great job with her. She has vet checked out well with no issues and vet feels she will just be a smaller berner than the norm. I may just have a mini-berner. LOL That is ok with me as I chose for temperament with her. I like hearing from everyone on this site about the size differences though. She is active, happy and full of energy so I am not too worried about her. I just think she will be on the smaller side. Both parents are healthy and good size.

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