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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Liza, May 3, 2011.

  1. Liza

    Liza New Member

    Could someone familiar with Berners please help me with rehoming a Berner?

    I have been trying but always seem to end up with people that seem like YAHOOS!

    Would prefer help from someone where I can check their posting history and see they have a true love for the breed.

  2. Liza

    Liza New Member

    Still hoping to find someone that could be helpful with rehoming help. Tried a local rescue but they just ticked me off:mad: it was all money money money and then me doing everything for them.
    I am not against doing some legwork but not interested in doing every stich of legwork and also paying for all upkeep and then the rescue charging and keeping a fee from someone they never meet and just fill out a form.

    I really want to find this great girl a great home.
    Please PM me any suggestions.

    PS... it's not my girl Gracie:p
  3. Lynn

    Lynn New Member

    I cannot see if you are in the UK or not.

    If you are have you tried the Bernese Mountain Dog club of Great Britain depending on what part of the uk you are in there are two clubs Northern and Southern.

    Each have co-ordinators who are very experienced at re-homing the breed and are very knowledgeable in the breed too.

    How old is she and why is she being re-homed ?

    Good luck in your search.
  4. Liza

    Liza New Member

    USA and tried the local people and wasn't happy with them. She is 4 months old and absolutely nothing the matter with her. She is actually quite sweet and silly. I just have personal circumstances that make it all not work out right now for 2 Bernese in my home. i actually reserved her as a pup from a breeder and she is a good girl. I have been trying to juggle my life and home to keep her but it just is getting almost impossible with my personal issues going on right now that I had no idea about when I reserved her . I feel quite bad as she is a doll baby.
  5. Lynn

    Lynn New Member

    I am sorry would the breeder take her back ?

    In the Uk we feel we have found a good breeder if they have a policy of taking the dog back at any time in its life whatever the reasons or rehoming from your home but giving you good support to be able to do this.

    Many other things too come into play here with finding reputable breeders I am sure it is the same in the US.

    I wish you well. Must be so stressful for you.

    Have you tried the Bernese Mountain dog Club of America ?

    Heres the link. The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America

    I hope you can find something helpful on their site.
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  6. Liza

    Liza New Member's not that I'm trying to be cheap.... But it would cost me almost $400 total for flight and clearances to fly her back and that is not an option right now.

    I did put in a request to BMDCA and have not heard back.

    This is ALL so crazy because it's not even like she is a dog with issues..... Just a sweet baby who is the victim of my personl problems:(
    Don't worry though anybody. She is treated great and I'm just trying to give her a better future in the longrun. Gracie my older Bernese would not adjust well so we are muddling through but the younger girl still will have a chance at good adjustment if she is rehomed now
  7. Lynn

    Lynn New Member

    I understand about the money side of things.

    One last shot and idea.

    How about contacting the breeder and saying you are not able to keep her and that you cannot financially pay for rehoming or returning.

    You may be surprised. The breeder may offer to pay for her to be returned or pay a lions share of the cost or may help with rehoming from your home.

    I know many breeders in the Uk are devastated when they learn their dogs young or old have been rehomed without their knowledge and often say if only they had of known they would of incurred costs of return etc., so that they knew where the dog ended up.

    May be worrth a try as all avenues seem to be exhausted if you really feel you cannot keep her.

    Bernese are a bit of a specialised breed and you really need to know she goes to someone who understands her training needs and all other needs.

    Not saying at all that you wouldn't try to take all precautions but sometimes if the breeder in any way can have some input it is better and I think the breeder would like to know who she was going to and where she was going so she could keep in touch.
  8. Rowan

    Rowan New Member

    Great idea Lynn, also the breader may have a waiting list for pups and someone might be willing to take on a 4 month pup instead of having to wait,I know I would have considered it when we were looking for Fynn.

    Good luck x
  9. TeresaP

    TeresaP New Member

    I'm not sure if you're still needing assistance with rehoming the baby Berner, but aside from contacting the breeder and describing your situation (which personally, I think is your very best option - perhaps she knows of someone in your area or close enough that would be willing to meet part-way that is looking to adopt a not-so-baby Berner) I think another option would be to ask around to your friends and/or co-workers. I know there are several people nearby me (especially at my vet's office) that would LOVE a Berner.

    You will more than likely have to take a cut on the price from what you paid, but it will be worth it to find the perfect home.

    Another option - do you know of someone who could keep the puppy until your situation changes and you could welcome the puppy back home? This would require you and the other person to have a contract and you would be responsible for all vet and food costs associated with the animal. (I don't remember you saying whether the issue was a temporary or permanent one - sorry.)

    Another option might be to contact a closer breeder in the area to see if they might be willing to assist you in rehoming your Berner. But FIRST, check your contract with your current breeder. For instance, if anything comes up that I would need to find a home for Sam, I am obligated to contact his breeder first.

    I'll keep thinking... short of a classified ad, it's difficult to find a home "quickly." Good Luck!!!
  10. MrBrian12

    MrBrian12 New Member

    Where do you guys live in the States? I can look around too but i just didnt know what area you were from?
  11. Liza

    Liza New Member

    She is rehomed:)
  12. Rowan

    Rowan New Member

    Great news:) how did you manage?
  13. Liza

    Liza New Member

    Word of mouth:)
  14. LMQ

    LMQ New Member

    So I live on Long Island in NY, Huntington to be exact. Ill take her if your close. My Paige is 10 months old. She is my second Berner. My first, Elsie passed last July. :)
  15. Liza

    Liza New Member

    She was rehomed last month but thanks:)
  16. LMQ

    LMQ New Member

    Berner rehome

    Thats great.:)

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