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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Health Questions' started by Rowan, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Rowan

    Rowan New Member

    My 5 month old puppy's whites of his eyes go very red sometimes especially during or after a walk,any ideas what might be causing this?
  2. Charliegirl

    Charliegirl New Member

    My Charlie's eyes (4 months) also become red sometimes. I will make sure to ask the vet and post her opinion.
  3. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    Maybe allergies??? You said it seems to be after going outside for a walk..
  4. Tanner

    Tanner New Member

    We had the same issue with Tanner at that age. Our vet said it was allergies and it should go away as he gets older. He also said to flush his eyes out with natural tears that you can buy at the local drug store. I probably only did it twice though just cause he would not keep still. He's 13 months now and doesn't have red eyes anymore. We take him trail hiking all the time now with no issues.
  5. Rowan

    Rowan New Member

    Thanks for That Guys
    I had honestly never even thought of allergies :eek:I thought it had to do with too much exercise or pulling on the lead, allthough he doesnt do this very much but can get excited when he meets people or dogs outside.
    What do you think the allergies could be?my last dog had grass pollen allergies but as we are in the middle of winter here I dont think that coud be Fynn's problem.
  6. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    Really it could be anything...Dogs can have about the same allergies as we can. Ask the vet next time you are there and see what they say..:)
  7. BrnrMom

    BrnrMom New Member

    Red eyes can also be a result of physical exertion and/or fatigue in large and giant breed puppies.

    They're still babies inside those huge bodies. Exercise, even in the form of a short walk, sets their little hearts pumping, just like yours does during a workout. It also takes a lot of energy, they tire quickly, and just like yours, their eyes sometimes get red just from being tired.
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  8. Charliegirl

    Charliegirl New Member

    Ectroprion and endoprion

    Finally got around to asking our vet about Charlie's red eyes, and she called the condition 'ectropion', which is a characteristic common of breeds like the Saint Bernard and Basset Hound. Apparently it can also occur in BMDs. Basically the eyelid pulls down so you can see more red of the eye. This may or may not have something to do with your pup's red eyes, but I thought it worth mentioning. With endroprion, the eyelid rolls inward (e.g., sharpeis). From what I understand, these conditions or characteristics are classified as disorders when they cause a dog discomfort and should be corrected.
  9. Rowan

    Rowan New Member

    Ah thanks for that,it does sound like what Fynn has,is the Vet going to do anything with Charlies eyes?
  10. Charliegirl

    Charliegirl New Member

    The vet asked whether Charlie's eyes seemed to bother her, and whether she pawed at them or rubbed her face on the rug more than what might be considered normal. But Charlie seems ok - she just has red eyes and this little droopiness. According to the vet, the droopiness isn't bad enough to warrant an operation, like it is in some animals. So we will just keep an eye on it. It's funny, but I didn't notice the droopiness when she was a little pup - it seemed to become more pronounced around 3 months or so. But according to what I've read on the net, this is something that prospective owners might want to look out for when choosing a pup. How is Fynn now?
  11. Rowan

    Rowan New Member

    Charlie sound just like Fynn he does'nt rub or paw at his eyes either,and are just a little red some days are more noticable than others,one eye seems to be more droopy than the other,we have has 2 courses of drops from our vet but they haven't made any difference!Just looks like something we will have to live with.
    Take care and thanks for the info x
  12. BrnrMom

    BrnrMom New Member

    I hope you've reported the condition back to the breeder, because ectropion is genetic and if your dog came from a responsible breeder, they will want that information.

    Also, Berners that develop ectropion in the center of the eyelid typically will develop entropion in the corners of the eyelid too, so you should keep watch on that.
  13. Charliegirl

    Charliegirl New Member

    Hi Brnrmom,

    Thanks for the advice. We will be sure to monitor her, and if it gets worse or seems to bother her, it will be straight to the vet.
  14. BernaBernese

    BernaBernese New Member

    Is your place dusty? I don't have any clue but I'm guessing the dog is having dust is his eyes while running.
  15. BernerRescue

    BernerRescue New Member

    As stated previously, ectroprian is a genetic fault but need not pose serious problems if tended to regularly. Ectroprian is unmistakable as the dogs have loose eyelids that droop like a Bloodhound......if the eye lid is not tight fitting you will see the lower red of the eye ball, and such dogs are prone to eye infections.

    Natural eye drops such as Similisan can be helpful - just fine at your health food store.

    This shouldn't be confused with otherwise proper eyes that are red - this is a sign or irritation and is usually allergies. If you see it following a bath, it can be water irritation, but is usually allergies.

    The natural eye drops help here too though :)

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