Random bouts of diarrhea ugh!

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    anyone with similar issues or advise please respond! My 5mo old started have diarrhea issuers at about 3mos talked to breeder made kibble changes he seemed fine. We tested poo before any changes negative. But Truman will get a diarrhea bout still on a random basis. He will be fine in the morning then
    Middle of nite need out of crate have diarrhea go bk in crate up again at his normal wake up time diarrhea then by afternoon solid poop. So weird so random. He is teething ....shark teeth you can see teeth side by side bottom front.
    I’ve heard teething can cause tummy issues result diarrhea. his mouthy nippy demeanor has escalated a little but he seems ok otherwise. Wish he was sleeping thru the nite but could teething pain cause a pup to have interrupted sleep. Just like babies just hairy four legged babies. sigh what I wouldn’t give to have a good nights sleep. Haven’t had one since nov. any input greatly appreciated

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