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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Training Forum' started by puppytalk, Dec 20, 2015.

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    We have a 9 week old Berner named Koda, he is a great puppy and adjusting well. a few questions I have

    How do you teach your puppy to stay down? He is jupy when excited (which is cute not but we don't want to encourage it as it wont be cute when he is big?)

    Walking, when we put him on a leash and take for a walk he usually sits or lays down and doesn't get very far? Tips to encourage walks?

    Nipping and chewing, biting? He is teething something fierce right now and chews or bites a lot, any tips that worked to stop this?

    Barking? He is pretty quiet but barks when i'm getting his food ready or the odd time, we know barking is how dogs communicate but also don't want to encourage a super loud dog?

    What were some favorite treats of your puppies?
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    I think the overall goal should be to try not to reinforce the negative behavior in any way. When he jumps, try to completely ignore him and turn away until he stays down. When he's barking for food, don't give the food until he is quiet (even if it is only a few seconds between barking). Over time you'll extinguish the relationship that he might see now between his jumping/barking and the result he wants.

    The same would probably apply to nipping. If every time he nips you say "OUCH" loudly and stop playing or acknowledging, he'll eventually recognize that it is not a great way to get attention. Redirecting with a toy or something to chew on can be helpful, especially if his nipping is related to teething.

    There are probably bigger steps that you could take, but it's better to start small if you can can

    In terms of the leash walking issue, I think you should be careful about long walks at only 9 weeks regardless. Most vets and breeders would probably suggest short bursts of activity for a growing dog to promote joint growth and to avoid putting too much stress on his growing bones. I imagine very gentle pulling on the leash coupled with a reward once he gets moving would help. That said, try to be very aware of when he is sitting to be stubborn and when he is actually sitting because he is tired and has had enough! Our breeder suggested only starting longer leash walking around a year.
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    Thank you so much.
    We have just been doing very short walks. Less then half a block and lots of free off leesh time. He is doing better on the leesh. I agree we definitely don't want to over do it.
    I really appreciate your advice.

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