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  1. gloria66

    gloria66 New Member

    I've been using an Easy Walk no-pull harness with my puppy who is now six months old. He was good walking with it for quite a while, but now he's pulling and he's really strong. The harness doesn't control the pulling. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Lynn

    Lynn New Member

    The harnesses with the chest strap that tighten are good I could control Ollie a very big boy on one of those.
  3. easchaars

    easchaars New Member

    The Gentle Leader is excellent because there is a piece that goes around their nose so that when they pull, their nose is gently pulled down and they don't like it. I have walked 2 adult males on them at the same time and had no problem with them pulling. Good luck!
  4. sa1821

    sa1821 New Member

    We use a gentle leader too. When it's on she knows we mean business and it's time to walk. She's great on it. Our chiro also said her neck and shoulders were better aligned after we used it, just her collar she was pulling way too much and out of alignment.
  5. gloria66

    gloria66 New Member

    Quite a few of my friends have recommended the gentle leader. Did your dogs get used to it quickly?
  6. sa1821

    sa1821 New Member

    She's still not a big fan of it, but it took about 2 weeks before she was trained on it. Now that she's had it about a year I even pull it off of her sometimes halfway through a walk and she's great for the rest of the walk. Almost just needs it until the initial excitement is out of her :rolleyes:
  7. Yo Sadie

    Yo Sadie New Member

    Hi All--
    My husband and I notice that our Sadie doesn't like the leash and though we are working with her on it, reviewing some of the replies is making me wonder if Sadie will EVER except the leash. Is it a lack of consistent training that causes this stubborness?... or is it the breed? Or does it just depend on the individual personality of the dog?:confused:

    LOL.... she actually does better about staying wih us when she's not on leash than when she is... but there are times when it is necessary to be able have have control over her movements.;)
  8. gloria66

    gloria66 New Member

    A friend also recommended the Sporn Pull-Stop Harness. Any feedback on this item?
  9. LMQ

    LMQ New Member

    My Paige nearly went back because of her pulling, jumping and biting.I've had her since she was 12 weeks and she turns 1 on 7/16. I took her to puppy socialization and basic training at Pet Smart. Yes I her what you are all saying but the trainer Karen was great. She knew how big Paige would become and my walking with a cane didn't help. After 2 lessons Paige had stopped being "bad". For leash walking she had me have the leash behind me to the left. Hold leash in right hand. Thus when she pulled it was my whole body stopping her.(Halter not collar). Lots of praise when she was good, do it again if not. For jumping it was to turn my body away and yelp like a hurt pup. The biting was vinager and water 50/50 spray. I use the word easy when she starts to walk ahead and she stops till I catch up. This was learned in the beginning of leash training. Now she is a pleasure.(She is my second Berner). I have 3 other dogs not Berners also and never needed assistance with training until her. Hope this helps someone.
  10. Radhika282

    Radhika282 New Member


    Is it okay for my dog to swallow the small ends of a
    bully stick?
  11. jenniliya

    jenniliya New Member

    Homemade treats and cookies are an excellent alternative to commercially produced treats. By making your own goodies, you know exactly what you put into them (normally fresh, wholesome ingredients instead of chemicals and preservatives), and you can custom-tailor the Dog Treats and cookies for your canine pal - especially handy if he has allergies to certain types of foods.
  12. sa1821

    sa1821 New Member

    Molly has done this a couple times when she was younger. She was fine, but I always watched to make sure she was going to the bathroom and nothing was stuck. We now put vice grips on the end of the stick and take it away once it's small. We tried a Kong piece that is meant to do the same thing but she always managed to get it out :rolleyes: The vice grips have worked wonders for us and she's never hurt her teeth or anything on it- of course we're always watching her while she has one.

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