Please Share Your Housebreaking Schedules!

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    My pup Kesch is 8 weeks old, I've only had him for 5 days and we are having great success with the house breaking/crate training so far! Here is our schedule, it's been working for us quite well. :)

    6:00am - I take him out of his crate and take him for a pee, once we're back in I feed him breakfast.

    6:45 - I take him outside and if he didn't poop at 6 he does so now.

    7am - I crate him and leave for work

    8:15am - My roommate takes him out of his crate for a pee before she leaves for work

    11am - I have a friend come and let him out for a pee, often he will poop (again!)

    1:45 - My roommate comes home at lunch feeds him again, and lets him out.

    4:45 - I get home from work and take him out immediately

    From then until bedtime I take him out immediately after any nap, if he is circling, after any big play session, or if I see him drinking a lot of water.

    I take him out one last time before bed at 10, then he usually sleeps through for awhile and I get up to take him out twice in the night before we get up again at 6am. I just make sure when I am taking him out in the middle of the night to give him time in case he needs to poop too.

    So far this system is almost flawless for us, after less than a week and I've already gone 3 days with only one accident and NEVER a single accident in his crate. I've been taking him to the same general area each time and he is catching on fast, he has even goes to the baby gate nearest to the door when he has to go, and when he has done his business walks to the door and stands there to let me know he's finished his business.

    Good luck!!

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