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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Health Questions' started by Neal, May 3, 2017.

  1. Neal

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    My 5 year old male Bernese just hasn't been right over the past few weeks. Started off not eating much of his food and just generally not being his normally lively naughty self. Noticed his poo was getting loose and when it was sometimes solid it was bright orange. Now he won't really eat anything and has lost 11kg which is a huge amount. Been to vets a few times and they just keep giving him tablets and paste to try sooth his bowels. Only think he will eat is the odd treat and cooked chicken. Tried with rice and he just eats round the rice and eats the chicken. While walking him a few days ago he went to do a poo and it was just watery blood that came out. Took him straight to the vets and they have done some scans and x rays and the only thing they found was his spleen was larger than normal. I've heard about a type of cancer they can get that affects the size of the spleen but the vet said they would normally have lumps on their skin and tumours inside them which he hasn't got. He's back home now but we haven't got any answers from the vet. Now every time he eats anything he just goes straight outside and tries to poo but only passes bloody watery liquid. Has anyone else had any problems like this because I'm just desperate to get him back to himself. It's killing me seeing him like this. Any help would be massively appreciated.
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    Sounds like another trip to the vet is required or perhaps a second opinion?

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