Our poor lame girl!

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Health Questions' started by Lucky-Liz, May 7, 2009.

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    Our Shady has had her fill of trouble but here's the latest. She already has been diagnosed with OCD (osteochondrosis) and had TPLO surgery last fall for a un-repairable torn ACL on her left leg (not apparently related to OCD, but....) and now has began limping terribly on right leg. We've had her to the vet and he's said she does not have have anything too serious, just to rest her leg for some time. Well, after putting out 4K for her previous surgery, we're more than willing to rest her leg but jeez, louise, we're concerned! So we have her back on leash bathroom breaks only her back leg it seems to be getting worse. Of course, we'll take her back to the vet shortly, but are wondering, does OCD contribute to a general break down of otherwise healthy joints? I know her hips are sound - the OCD was diagnosed in her elbow joints. I'm confused - are the injuries to her back legs separate issue?. We did start her on Cartrophen injections to help her joints, already give her daily doses of Glucosomine, with msm, 1 flax and 3 doses of wild salmon oil. Shady is just the most perfect dog ever, when we talk to her she does that "cocked-head" thing like she totally understands every word we say and we love her to pieces so will take any advice to heart!

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