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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by madismom, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. madismom

    madismom New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    New to the site and we are hoping to add a Berner to our family in the next coming months :)

    I've been in contact with a few breeders and have some visits scheduled. Looking on the B club of Ontario and Canada, a lot of the breeders listed don't have a working website, or are not keeping their website up to date, which makes it pretty difficult to view parents/facility and take the next step and scheduling a visit.

    Just curious to see which Ontario breeders some of you have gotten your pup from? Which ones are great, and which ones I should stay away from?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Gibson

    Gibson New Member

    Pawsawhile berners are a great breeder. We got our guy from these folks and everything is great. Wonderful people, wonderful dogs, wonderful facility.i would recommend them to everyone.
  3. BernerRescue

    BernerRescue New Member

    I couldnt disagree more...stick with the club and contact the breeders directly for visits. Just a couple of conversations should help you to focus on health certifications that matter and what is important in a good contract.

    Look at several club websites for helpful info: including mine: BMDCSC.org

    Ask any specific questions you have......

  4. Guinness'Mom

    Guinness'Mom New Member

    Having a pup from Pawsawhile, I agree with the above post to STICK TO THE CLUBS!!! Could save you and your pup from a lot of heartache and pain. Just my opinion from my experience.
  5. Gibson

    Gibson New Member

    You know it's funny how you continuously jump onto people's threads to bash pawsawhile kennels but you never give any details as to the issues you have experienced. I have even personal messaged you and you still give no other details other than that copy and pasted message I see above and have seen on several other threads.

    Let's be realistic, regardless of what breeder you choose there is a possibility that things won't go smoothly. Dogs are living breathing ever changing animals. Bernese mountain dogs are especially susceptible to ailments such as cancers and joint issues.

    Speaking from my personal experience I know that pawsawhile is a good loving breeder with dogs that are bred properly and is no where anything like a puppy mill. Their dogs have clean bills of health, come from fantastically long living blood lines and have strong backgrounds in the kennel clubs. Also they are registered with the Dutch and Canadian kennel clubs. So get your facts straight people.
  6. Gibson

    Gibson New Member

    Do your research and do what feels right to you. Be careful coming on here, some people no doubt have had bad experiences with different breeders, others are simply uneducated. Keep in mind no dog is a sure fire guarantee. Call around , VISIT and make the decision that sits right with you.
  7. Guinness'Mom

    Guinness'Mom New Member

    First let me clarify that I did not mention Puppy Mill...U did

    Secondly, I have never received a private message from you or I would have answered it as I have done with many others. None of my comments are copied and pasted as I reply to each thread or message individually.

    I am not about to debate anything in a public post and that is why I say very little in my comments. If people want to know more, I am ever so happy to tell them in a private message.

    I'm glad that you have a happy, healthy puppy that you got from pawsawhile, I on the otherhand, do not. So when someone asks for info on our experiences with them, I will offer my opinion and share my experience in hopes that they do their research before picking a puppy. That was my mistake...I did it after

  8. 2berners

    2berners Guest

    I also agree with sticking to the club member breeders.
    If you have noticed, Paws Awhile crossbreeds Bernese with poodles and with Labradors. No responsible breeder that truely cares about the breed will crossbreed. This also means that they can not be members of the CKC (as it is a violation of the CKC rules to crossbreed) and really, just about anyone can be a CKC member, so keep that in mind.
    Other questionable things with this breeder is that they do not have their dog's registered names on their website, so you cannot research health clearances and pedigrees. Do they have all their clearances (hips, elbows, heart, eyes, DM)? This is very important and should not be overlooked when looking for a breeder. This means board certified clearances not just the vet saying they are healthy.
    They also have a "buy now" button on all their litters! So do they screen their puppy buyers? Breeders usually have an extensive qestionaire so they can get to know you better and then from there match the perfect puppy to you.
    I would not be comfortable getting a puppy from a breeder who has no dog info on their website besides pictures and a "buy now" button. There is a big difference between breeders out there and I think with some research you will find some better choices.

    There are lots of good breeders on the clubs list. No, not all have websites but if you look at the breeder list you can see what health clearances they do as well if they are active with showing their dogs (which is important). As for seeing pictures of facilities, it is best to go to the breeder's place and not rely on pictures on a website. I know many websites have pictures that don't always represent what their kennels are actually like. It is easy to lie on a website and misrepresent yourself (and it does happen often with less than reputable breeders).

    Take the time and email a few breeders and ask all your question you have about their dogs, why you would like a Berner and to ask about upcoming litters (do not ask about price right away - breeders hate that - the price range is in the $1600-$1800 range and they expect that you would have researched to know that). Ask if you can visit and meet their dogs and to learn more about the breed.

    Message me if you would like any more info and perhaps I can point you in the direction of a good breeder with upcoming litters.
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  9. madismom

    madismom New Member


    Thanks everyone for the replies. Really appreciate the feedback! :)
  10. Guinness'Mom

    Guinness'Mom New Member

    One of those BBB complaints was mine...the one where the business failed to resolve the complaint issues. After the first initial contact with the BBB, he quit responding, even after they sent him multiple requests.

    If you contact the CKC they will also tell you that he is NOT a member, also contact BMDCC they can fill you in on more information. I have done all this and more. Bottom line is you need to research.
  11. winforton82

    winforton82 New Member


    Thanks guys. I am looking for a Bernese puppy and Pawsawhile was going to be a def look into, I will steer clear.
  12. scodutch

    scodutch Member

    buying a puppy

    I agree with staying away a 100%, as for finding a good breeder, yes check the club websites, email them, ask questions, then go for a visit, meet the dogs, where do they sleep, are they socialized, shy, friendly, how often do they breed , is the same male used for every breeding or are they looking for best matches to improve the breed.

    health testing, what kind of test, what are the results, is everything in the open?

    then look at the lines, when you check out bernergarde you can have a look at the parents , grandparents etc, so you can see how old they were when they passed, health info etc.

    any breeder that has a button to put a deposit down, stay away.

    when you can its is important to meet the parents too, or at least the mom.

    and follow your gutt, when something doesnt feel right , walk away, all berner puppies are super cute, but you don't want to end up with a puppy with health issues.

    goodluck in your search!
  13. BernerKobe

    BernerKobe New Member


    I know this is an old thread, but I thought I would add my two cents. I just got a Bernese puppy from Windever Kennels, near Port Rowan Ontario. Jen (breeder) was extremely open, knowledgeable, warm, and a pleasure to deal with. As first-time owners, we had a ton of questions. We were supplied with parents' OFA/OVC clearances and pedigrees. They have a beautiful big farm with about 6 adult Bernese. We met both the mother (Hope) and father (Chase), who both had very desirable temperaments. The puppies were housed with their mother in a large enclosure where they had free access to indoors and outdoors, which has really helped with house training.

    It is funny how quickly you judge based on the quality of a website, but I had to remind myself that web design is an art in itself, and the fanciest site has nothing to do with the quality of the upbringing for the puppies! If you visit in person, you will get the whole picture :)
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  14. WM Meadows

    WM Meadows New Member

    Some FYI Information

    For those interested in owning a BMD, our 1.5 year old was purchased from Paws Awhile Berners. She has some very significant health issues. She is a biter with serious aggression problems. Our vet says he sees this level of aggression less than once per year. Terrible overbite which causes her considerable pain. The vet says this is an obvious genetic flaw and that her parents should never have been allowed to breed. She left Paul with a significant hernia as well that was not reported by his vet. It required surgery to repair. I am not confident that a qualified vet ever saw the pup. I hate to imagine what this poor girl went through before we arrived to take her home. Such a sad story which all could have been avoided. I guess we should have seen the red flags when we were not allowed to see the mother, but we hadn't read enough to help us recognize a reputable breeder. I know that BMD make wonderful pets. Take your time and find a breeder you can trust. It hurts to have your heart broken.
  15. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    Our first Berner, in hind site, came from what I believe to be a sketchy situation. I can't even begin to tell you all the problems our sweet boy had. But I absolutely don't regret for a minute that he came to live with us ! I think we were meant to have him in our lives.:) Just like you were meant to have your furkid :) It makes me so angry though that some of these so called Breeders only care about the money.
  16. sdirube

    sdirube New Member

    FYI - Stay away from Paws While Bernese

    Agree with all the comments regarding:
    1- Doing a good research for a good breeder
    2- Staying away from Paws Awhile Bernese

    My experience with Paul Cridland was not good. My personal opinion is that he is irresponsible and unreliable. Fortunately we did not get a puppy from him, but we did lose our deposit. I have made a review on BBB and Yelp if you want more details.


    Hope this helps others in their decision which breeder to chose.
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  17. toan365

    toan365 New Member


    you should consult with a number of acquaintances , they will share for you
  18. Nat84

    Nat84 New Member


    I am thinking about getting a puppy from them but the reviews are concerning. Did anyone have a good expirience with this breeder?
  19. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    If you have any doubts about this breeder then I suggest you look for another one. I would demand to see both the bitch and male parents to your puppy. There are a lot of breeders out there and you dont want to rush into a puppy. You want yours to be healthy and well mannered. To rush my cause a lot of heart break and $$.

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