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  1. melaniec95

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    Okay so we are getting a Berner puppy. Right now he's 2 weeks so we don't get him for another 6 weeks. We are so excited and can't wait to be able to bring Bailey home. However this is the first Berner pup we'll have so I was wondering if there is anything I need to do to prepare our home and myself before we welcome our little baby. I have read endless articles about them but I was wanting something more personal and from experience. Also what should I start with with training him when we do get him? And how do I go about potty training
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    There will be accidents. My pup had about 6 accidents mostly at night while I slept. Berners are egar to please and really do not want to piddle where they live so the trick is to not let them out of your site, catch the pup mid stream and take the pup outside and praise every time they go potty out side. I would take her out at least every 2 hours and give her a treat while she was peeing.

    I do not recommend the potty pads. Berners are too big for potty pads it just encouraged her to piddle right there and her body was never on the pad.

  3. melaniec95

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    I totally expect accidents! Haha
    The breeder did say that she tries her hardest to send them home as potty trained as possible. She said her last littler did so good and only 2 of them had potty problems. But I'm still expecting to have to potty train him myself which is totally okay :) thankfully I am a stay at home mom so I'll always be there with him
  4. Cleo

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    You will be fine then. I work from home. THey sure do like to be in the mix and do not like to be left alone.

    I had read that this breed liked to be in every room with it's family. But I was still not prepared for a new shadow. Let's jut say I am no longer shy about showering or using the ladies room. ;) It is this trait that makes them easy to train because they prefer to be 10 feet away at all times. Sometimes I feel guilty when I have to load the washer because she will wake from her nap and follow me around.

    If I have any regrets it is that I wished I crate trained her earlier for sleeping through the night. I still have a hard time putting her in the crate at night since she has had full run of the house.

    I am really excited for you. :) You will be very happy to have her home.
  5. melaniec95

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    Oh good hahaha I'm already used to no privacy lol my 1 year old baby follows me everywhere so that wouldn't be a problem!

    As far as crating him I was wanting to crate him but I might just need to
  6. Cleo

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    Awe. You are going to have two babies at home. I can hardly wait for the pictures. So happy for you.
  7. melaniec95

    melaniec95 New Member

    I'm so excited!! I'm gonna go crazy waiting 6 weeks! Thankfully we get to visit him on the weekends and we are going this Saturday. Also his breeder senda me pictures and videos all the time so it makes it a little easier. Yesss I'm gonna have 2 babies! I always wanted my son to grow up with a puppy best friend and we finally get to do it!

    There's a picture of him at 2 weeks. Taken last saturday

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  8. Cleo

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    OMG! Adorable!!! Cutest puppy ever. I just got goose bumps.... Soo sweet.
    It will be like Calvin and Hobbs when they grow up together.

    The breeder sounds really wonderful. What a great match.

    Keep posting. I am bookmarking this page. <3
  9. melaniec95

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    I definitely will!! If you have an instagram you should definitely follow me cause I post his pictures there all the time. @melaniecasimiro

    If not I'll keep posting here anyways. As soon as I figure this page out completely hahah
  10. LuvmyBerner

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    Congrats!!! So exciting! prepard for your new girl follows me everywhere..I too have felt guilty at times leaving the room and waking her from a I think the best thing you can do is get a nice crate. Crate training is soooo important if she/he is going to be in the house. If trained correctly..the crate will become a safe haven for your pup. It helps with potty training in the night as a dog will not go potty in their den (if it does it is with great reluctance). Plus the crate offers safety and comfort for when you have to leave them alone for any period of time...and not just during the puppy stage.

    A very important aspect of crate training is DO NOT let them out or give any comfort/attention when they are whining..wait until puppy is quiet (doesn't have to be quiet a long period) before letting pup out or giving attention. Plus, make sure you ask for a blanket or toy from your breeder that has her moms/littermates scent on them before you go home if they haven't already included some in your going home package, makes the transition to their new family somewhat easier.

    When it comes to potty training..our breeder always told us that the puppy doesn't have accidents..we A great rule of thumb is take pup out after she wakes from a nap, after a play session and after eating. Make a huge deal out of your pup doing its "business" in the appropriate areas, never scold or rub your puppies nose in "their" accidents. Also really helpful if when you take your puppy out, use a code word/phrase like "go potty" or "pee now" and when they do..again..make a huge deal (your neighbours will think you are off your rocker",,lol. Our girl will actually go on demand now..if we take her out and say "go pee" or "go poo" she usually will within a couple minutes. over time you will learn your berners body language/signals and be able to predict when they need to go out. I agree with not using pee pads..all you are doing is teaching them to pee on pads in the house..then you still have to train them to go outside to pee at a later date. ON that note..make sure you stock up on a good pet urine/excrement cleaner (should be an enzymatic one) to clean up the messes..which there will be. Can get some from pet stores/vets. Again. if there is an accident, if they can smell it..chances are they will use that spot again.
    Make sure you have plenty of toys and appropriate chewing items for your pup..teething is brutal! Again..if the breeder doesn't give you some toys in your care package..have fun shopping and get a small variety of different toys for your pup to play with/explore.
    I agree..the waiting period to bringing your pup home can feel like an eternity!
  11. melaniec95

    melaniec95 New Member

    You made me laugh haha yeah I a 100% expect to have to potty training him myself. Because even if he is in any way potty trained there. He would be used to the breeders house so when we take him home he would have no idea which areas are appropriate for him to go in. So I fully expect it! Haha

    Yeah I'm gonna have to look for a crate. Which one do you think is best?

    I'm so excited!!! I've gone to petsmart a billion times to look for toys and bowls and leashes.

    Oh yeah!! I almost forgot to ask!! What food is best for your pup? I want him to have shinny beautiful hair which I know will require grooming. That's another thing. How often do you groom your bernese
    I'm sorry for all the questions. I'm just very excited and prefer the opinion of actual BMD owners over articles
  12. Cleo

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  13. BMB

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    Hello! I brought my puppy home 5 days ago. What a lot of work! Lol we are kennel training him. I did make the mistake of putting his kennel in the other room and putting him in at night. He cried the ENTIRE night. Once I moved the kennel into my bedroom where he could see me he didn't cry at all. Figured this advice may save you a nights sleep! Good luck!!
  14. melaniec95

    melaniec95 New Member

    That's great!! We actually never had to crate bailey. He's 18 weeks now and is still just as potty trained as the day we got him!! We had 1 accident once because he got sick while we were changing his foods. And he tried to tell me he needed out but I was too tired to get up! Silly me surely had to get up and clean it lol I can assure you though we will never get this lucky with a dog again! Even behavior wise he's lovely! His vet asks me every time we have check ups if he's that good all the time and when I say yes he says we got the perfect balance between playful and calm. Now don't get me wrong!! There are multiple times that his cuteness is what saves him hahaha

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