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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scodutch, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. scodutch

    scodutch Member

    Hi everyone,
    We started a new berner group on facebook, it's a great relaxed group for all berner lovers, to post pictures, chat or get advice.
    Hope you can join us (-:

    It is called Bernese Friends Worldwide

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  2. scodutch

    scodutch Member

    berner group

    We have 130 bernerlovers from all over the world in our group now and growing daily, love seeing all the pictures :)
  3. tamgirl99

    tamgirl99 New Member

    Thanks for posting this Christa! I've joined as well even though I don't have my berner yet. All of the pics being posted are making the wait even harder, but I just can't resist looking at them all!
  4. scodutch

    scodutch Member


    glad you joined! when are you getting your puppy?

    We picked out brigitte when she was 4 weeks old and it was the longest month ever waiting for her, I am not the most patient person as it is LOL we went a few times to see her and it was so hard to leave her behind.

    I love having two and seriously when I we would have the space I would have another one in no time, I am so hooked (-:
  5. tamgirl99

    tamgirl99 New Member

    Well, hopefully I won't jinx myself, but I'm waiting to hear on a litter that is due on 8/15. I had to wait a month to find out if there was even going to be a litter, and now have to wait another to find out if there will be a female for me. And then I'll have to wait another two months to get her. It's killing me! :eek:

    I've wanted a berner for so long but it's just now the right timing for me, so I sure hope it all works out. I went to meet the dam last week and she was so gorgeous and sweet. I have a 10-year old labrador as well and she LOVES other dogs, but with her I am definitely limiting myself to just one berner...for now. :D
  6. scodutch

    scodutch Member


    I will keep my fingers crossed for a girl! (-:

    Bernie lost some weight since Brigitte
    Arrived , she keeps him busy LOL
    He Sleeps in front of her crate at night
    It's so sweet
    She got him wrapped around her
    Paw LOL
  7. tamgirl99

    tamgirl99 New Member

    Awww, that's so sweet. Yes, I'm hoping that a puppy is just what my lab needs to get her more active again. I just hope I can keep up with the two of them!
  8. scodutch

    scodutch Member

    new members

    we are up to a 140 members now, just started 3 weeks ago, when you know anyone that likes to join please feel free to add them!

    have a great weekend!!:)
  9. scodutch

    scodutch Member


    Hi everyone ,
    We have 159 members now
    Lots of pictures , stories and advice
    On the wall
    It's a fun group and a great way to
    Meet other Berner lovers
    Please feel free to join us (-:

  10. scodutch

    scodutch Member


    I have a huge favour to of our members has been banned from facebook for posting a picture of her and her beloved berner that just passed away, it was her holding her berner in her arms, she posted it on her private page and someone complained to facebook, they told her to remove it, she did....but then they removed her from facebook too, they said it was offensive and that is why she was removed.
    We all want her back, this lady did not do anything wrong, she loves her berners, they are a part of her family and to be punished and removed from facebook and your friends because you posted a picture of your best friend is just wrong and hard to even understand.

    please help us, send facebook a message that we want christel- my berners back.

    thank you so much!!!!!

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  11. scodutch

    scodutch Member


    when anyone likes to send a message to facebook in support of Christel, this is a way to do it.....

    go next to the "home" on the arrow
    go to "help"
    " report a problem "
    and then to " send feedback"

    that's were you can leave a message

    thank you so much again!

  12. scodutch

    scodutch Member

    berner group

    Just thought I re-post it incase anyone likes to join and hasn't seen this yet. (-:

    When anyone likes to join our group, we would love to have you join us , we have a over 230 bernerlovers in our group now and it's growing by the day.

    It's another great way to meet other berner lovers, ask questions and post pictures.

    Thanks so much,

  13. Juliet

    Juliet New Member

    Thanks for posting this, Christa!

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