Need help picking new dog food!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tpick21, May 10, 2013.

  1. Tpick21

    Tpick21 New Member

    I currently am feeding my 1 year old Berner, Apollo, Royal Canin Venison and Potato hypoallergenic dog food. He has something called coronavirus which causes him to have high bacteria levels in his stomach and gives him issues. He also takes 1/8 tsp of Tylen powder with every meal. He had a lot of stomach issues as a puppy but the combination of the food and medicine have gotten it under control. But the food is very expensive and I'm wanting to try and transition him to another type of food that may be a little cheaper. Does anybody have any suggestions, given all of Apollo's stomach issues?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Mahallum

    Mahallum New Member

    Picking food

    My Berner has had serious stomach problems since I've gotten her. We're in the process now of trying to find a good food that works for her so if you've found a food that works it might just be worth it to keep him on it because I know from experience that chronic diarreah is not worth spending less money on a less expensive food.
  3. LunaBaby

    LunaBaby New Member

    Food Options

    Our almost 6-month old Berner has similar issues. We had her on Blue Buffalo and after some research learned that a lot of dogs have issues with the brand. We switched to Wellness but didn't like that either. Now we have her on Merrick, which is actually very expensive food so it might not work for your budget. She still isn't 100% better on it though and every once and a while her stomach gets upset. We ended up buying brown rice and cooking a few cups of that to add into each of her meals for the week. We do a half dry food, half wet food mix and with the brown rice she seems to be more comfortable. I would suggest trying something like that as a cheaper option to help with the sensitive stomach.
  4. Bogart

    Bogart New Member

    We started on Fromm LB Puppy but have had great success with Pure Vita Grain Free.
  5. tommom

    tommom New Member

    What type of stomach issues?

    My 5 yeAr old boy has a tendency to vomit about every 3-4 weeks in the early morning. Plus his stomach rumbles and growls really loudly. He also eAts grass and leaves like he is craving it. Any ideas on this?
    He eats Orijen adult. I was thinking its related to his food.

  6. Mahallum

    Mahallum New Member

    Picking new food

    Holistic Select lamb dog food. My Berner had diarreah from almost every food and this food works great for her. Lamb is easier to digest and it is great. They also have a large breed puppy which a lot of holistic brands do not in lamb.
  7. tommom

    tommom New Member


    I just bought a bag. We will try it. Thanks!
  8. DesignerDog

    DesignerDog New Member

    Stomach Trouble

    My Berner pup (4 months) has had Giardia 3 times now. When some of you owners mention tummy trouble, was Giardia part of these troubles? What were other symptoms? My baby gets the hiccups often too.

  9. Mahallum

    Mahallum New Member

    4 mo old

    How much does your 4 month old weigh just curious?
  10. Bogart

    Bogart New Member

    What do you feed your pup? Has the Giardia been diagnosed by a vet? What has the vet prescribed? When was the last time your pup was dewormed?
  11. Peachey

    Peachey New Member

    Sounds like he needs a snack before bed. I've heard of this happening when they're stomachs are too empty.
  12. Toblerone

    Toblerone New Member


    In the morning, is it more like a clear small amount? Apparently, this is quite normal. Something to do with bile in the stomach having nothing to process. Maybe he can have his food in more portions and try to cut down on the time between dinner and breakfast. This happened to Toby once and I was very worried until I read a bit and now give him dry food quite early in the a.m. Later when I get up for the real start of my day, he gets the rest of his breakfast.
  13. Danielle

    Danielle New Member

    It sounds like your dog has too much protein in his diet, i would recommend switching to Acana, which is also made by Champion Pet Foods. Similar ingredients and also high quality but lower protein levels.
  14. teri

    teri New Member

    When I got Finn at 8 weeks we found he had girardia also. He was better but his bm's were still not normal a month later. We retested and the girardia was back and further testing showed coccidia. He went again with a round of medication with success. We have plenty of wildlife that passes through our yard like raccoons, opossums etc. Finn had the habit of eating everything in the yard (not house). We determined that more likely he was eating their waste. Rabbit droppings do not cause this. He additionally came from a breeder who farms and giardia is common in dogs living around farm animals. Coccidia is common in dogs everywhere.

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