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  1. Bufffan

    Bufffan New Member

    Here is our new Berner pup, Moose. He is 11 weeks old, probably 9 in this pic..

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  2. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    OMG What a cutie!!!!!
  3. Gypsywether

    Gypsywether New Member

    He is Adorable. I remember when my Trace was that little. He's So big now and so beautiful, but smetimes I do wish he was tiny to cuddle again. Now a cuddle just means I Could be squashed. And drenched (since he's usually got water all over his face). But he means it in Love. :) Moose is a great name too.
  4. dean9922

    dean9922 New Member

    that is a great picture of Moose....looks like he wants to get into
  5. faithshen

    faithshen Banned

    Happy 11 months moose, your growing healthy and I'm looking forward that you will be doing great with your family :))
  6. Michelle

    Michelle New Member

    He is so cute! I wanted to name ours Moose but my husband wanted Bruin. We went through a bunch of names but the poor, confused puppy ended up as Ben. He's 9 weeks old.

    Aren't they irresistibly cute?

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