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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Cheryl, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Cheryl

    Cheryl New Member

    We named him this, after his namesake Bob Marley, because he is a very mellow and happy little pup. We brought him home two days ago at 9 weeks old. He joins a 9 year-old share-pei named Willie who is mostly ignoring him. Many years ago, we had a St. Bernard, so we have some idea of what to expect as he grows into a big dog. I will be back to this forum often to learn all I can about what works well from other Berner owners. We join you in being totally in love with this breed. Puppy.jpg
    Cheri in Michigan
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  2. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    Now that is one adorable baby!! Love the name too. I am sure his big brother will get used to him in not time and they will be the best of friends.
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  3. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    He looks handsome. And I bet he can get what ever he wants with those eyes!;)
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  4. Ricky4

    Ricky4 New Member

    Adorable little pup!

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