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  1. frisssel

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    Sounds like something I would feed Storm. Not sure if I can get it in Canada. I'll check into it. Basically it is the same thing I'm giving Storm but it is all together.

    The other difference is that Storm had fragments but had to have a bone "ground" down, not scrapped. he was able to put weight on it for a short period, very short, no jumping, running or playing. He also had both elbows done. He was limited for 2 months, not 2 weeks.

    It sounds like a big relief for you.

    When are they doing the surgery?

    good luck
  2. Sasha

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    It's kind of a relief. Surgery is still never good. And I hope they don't end up having to do a grind on the bone. Right now they think it'll only take a scope so no big incisions. They do want to do both elbows at the same time. That part bothers me. I'd like to give her a chance to at least limp on one good leg while the other heals. We're not sure when we're going to do it. We've only spoke with the vet at this point, not the surgeon yet. I'll keep you all informed. In the mean time we're going to start the Dasuquin supplements. Thanks for the good thoughts.
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    We use Sasha's blend and LOVE it! Molly had a limp in her right wrist for a bit- took her to the vet same thing wanted to do a scope and surgery....we got another opinion (a more naturalist view I guess) out her on Sasha's Blend- had her lose some weight and also get her looked at by a vet chiropractor once monthly (There is am amazing one where I live who works on a lot of sport dogs) and I tell you it is like NIGHT and DAY! Her wrist rarely bothers her- I often ice it after her chiro adjustments and unless she has a day where she really plays hard I can't tell at all. I know it sounds like a lot but I am a true believer in preventative maintenance for my Berner!
  4. sa1821

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    Oh the other thing I forgot to mention is we had Molly on metacam for a bit from the vet. I ended up not giving her much as she is a dog that plays hard and on metacam the pain was gone and she didn't realize she was hurt and didn't slow down at all!
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    Hey there everyone. Winston just turned 9 months recently. Sometimes around the house i'll look over at him and hell have 1 paw up in the air. Sometimes hell switch from side to side. I was wondering if it might have to do with the topic you all are talking about now or if maybe its him just doing his shake/give paw tricks.
  6. Sasha

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    I wouldn't worry yourself over it to much. He may be keeping his weight off it, but I would look for other signs of pain after he's played hard or gone for a long walk. If he seems fine after exursion he's probably fine. You may just have your vet look at it next time your in though.
  7. sa1821

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    Molly puts a paw up all the time! I read in a book about Berners it's a common trait they have that usually means 'do you mind petting me' haha. Molly does it I notice when smelling another dog's scent or when we get home....I wouldn't worry about it at all!
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    Hi everyone
    speaking of limping, our 23-month-old Heidi went into the vets today about her limping on her hind legs. She was also put on metacam and we are monitoring her for 2 weeks to see if she improves (back to crating and bed rest which breaks our heart)

    Displasia of her hips and elbows is completely ruled out, but has anyone had to deal with a cruciate ligament rupture? This is what is suspected and we are worried and a bit scared :(

    Any advice/personal experience would be welcome xx

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