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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by BMB, Dec 22, 2015.

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    So, I know it's early but I got my 12 week old puppy home 5 days ago and I can't get him to stop peeing in his kennel! He's usually in for 4 hours max. I do not give him anything to eat or drink before he goes in and I go outside with him to make sure he goes before I put him in. I have come home every day with a mess!
    Any suggestions will help!
  2. bernermom

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    Our first Berner , Riley ALWAYS used his crate as the port a john!! I swear. He would run in the house and run to the crate to go potty. We actually ended up using it to help potty train him. We moved it closer and closer to the back door and he would let us know when he needed to go. It was crazy.

    Emma on the other hand was crate trained when she came to live with us. She loves it. She never slept in it though. When we first got her she was pretty destructive ( lol ) so she would stay in the crate when we were not at home. For her safety and the safety of EVERYTHING we owned.

    Good luck !
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    My puppy Kai is 9 months. We started him in the crate when he was around 5 months which is definitely late. He hated it. Would cry, howl and pee on himself. I think it was just initial nerves and anxiet. We started keeping him in it to sleep, despite his crying unless someone was sleeping level. Then at two hour intervals. We kept him in the crate for 20 minutes at a time while we were home so he started to understand the crate was there to comfort him, as opposed to getting him so riled up. He has since gotten better but it was a matter of time. He would have accident after accident, I'd limit his water even his, He rings a bell which is hung on the door whenever he needs to go outside. I recommend it. Super easy. We did have one horrible accident where he pooped inside of his crate (nightmare)...but his stomach wasn't acting right. The more you can get him used to the crate, and praise him the better. I recommend downloading periscope or just googling a dog trainer named Jeff Gellman who trains live, it's an open Q&A the whole time. He has lots of great tips for crate training which helped. Kai is still anxious in the crate but after a long hard journey, no more accidents, we leave the crate door open for him. He won't go in on his own, only if a toy he wants is in there. He has been in his crate a max of 6 hrs accident free now. I understand how frustrating it can be to constantly have a messy growing puppy. He will learn. Any other advice I can offer I will do so. I'm still learning as well.

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