Just had Puppies help!

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog General Discussion' started by chaselake119, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. chaselake119

    chaselake119 New Member

    OK, so I adopted this female about a week and a half ago from this breeder that was getting rid of her dogs. Well she never told me that the female was pregnant. Well she just had puppies!! Can someone please help me get through this process please!
  2. Brenda

    Brenda New Member

    WOW! What an irresponsible breeder!! I hope someone on here that has some experience will give you some advice. I just noticed this post is a little old. How are things now??
  3. mabelfoss

    mabelfoss New Member

    i can not believe the nerve of that breeder, how sad. heres hoping you are managing. its not easy.:)
  4. mabelfoss

    mabelfoss New Member

    i'm also surprised that the dog you adopted that had pups, your now trying to give away, what gives?

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