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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Training Forum' started by Nubia's mom, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. Nubia's mom

    Nubia's mom New Member

    Nubia is now 5 months old and growing by the minute... She is a good girl overall and very very smart (when she wants:cool:).

    Her newest game is jumping on people when she is happy to see them (she is happy to see everybody including total strangers...is that typical of the breed???).

    I have been trying to get her to stop but I am not being very succesful:(. Even though she is obedient for such a young pup when it comes to just about everything else (except staying off the furniture) she is impossible to handle when it comes to not jumping on people...

    Any ideas?????
  2. Lucky-Liz

    Lucky-Liz New Member

    I have 2 Berners and here's how we trained them to never jump on anyone. When we would come home, we would turn our backs and ignore the dogs and say "sit" in a calm way and the second they sat, they got attention and petting. For jumping on friends and strangers, you can have Nubia on a leash and step on it just where it naturally falls to the ground. When she tries to jump up, the leash will stop her instantly (because your foot is holding it on the ground) and I would bet it will take only 2 or 3 times, if that, for her to learn not to jump up. At the same time, ask her to "sit" in a quiet calm way (use treats if she is a treat dog) and in no time, she will greet guests in a polite manner. Even if you can't get her to sit, it's the jumping up you really want to prohibit as someone could get hurt especially in a few more months when she is 80 or more pounds! Our dogs are very excited to greet guests with tails wagging but at least I am confident they will never jump on anyone.
  3. Nubia's mom

    Nubia's mom New Member

    Thank you for your suggestions. I will try and see which one works best with her. She is a very quick learner...but OMG what a stubborn streak:). I will probably go with the treats and hopefully she improved.

    thanks again
  4. VeronicaA

    VeronicaA New Member

    I think the treats sound like a great idea. I couldn't get my Cookie to stop until I found the No Jump Harness. I put it on her for about 2 weeks and after that she never jumped on people again.

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