Jumping in and out of the car

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Annette5057, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Annette5057

    Annette5057 New Member

    My Berner Ricky is almost 6 months and he will not jump into the car. I have to lift him in and out of the car. He is getting quite big and this is getting more and more difficult. I take him to work with me every day so car rides are frequent. Any suggestion? I am nervous of him hurting himself, so I have been reluctant to use treats to encourage him. He will occasionally ask to get on the bed but has only jumped down twice. Is it safe at such a young age to encourage this behavior during his developmental stage?
  2. egnan

    egnan New Member

    I'd also like to know people's thoughts on this.

    My 'research' all concluded to lift them into/out of bed/car until they were full grown! That's a long time frame and a large dog! My vet said do it until I can't lift her safely and then let her do it.

    She is 19 weeks and 45lbs .... I probably have another month or so before I can't lift her but she is still so young I don't want to compromise her hips.

    Car stairs? Ramp? Is going up and down stairs the same as up and down a ramp?
  3. Annette5057

    Annette5057 New Member

    Guess I'll be getting a ramp. This is what I thought but none of my previous dogs have been this large.
  4. Momaire

    Momaire Member

    Jumping in and out of

    Well, my Berner is 3 years old and 130 pounds and I never ever let her jump in or out of the car while she was growing up. I never let her climb staircases either. Now, she gets into the car by putting her front legs inside the car on the floor but insists on my lifting her enormous (!!) butt the rest of way into the car. She never jumps out of the car, she doesn't need to, she is so big she just steps out of the car. She has great hips and leg joints. Mommy's back, on the other hand, is not so good. I developed great biceps I never had before. Who needs to lift weights?

    BTW, we still avoid staircases like the plague.:):)
  5. Annette5057

    Annette5057 New Member

    thanks so much for all the information. I have been taking extra care with stairs as well. He is so good about asking to get down or up. It is like they know.
    I just bought a ramp for the car.
  6. Bailey

    Bailey New Member

    Hi - We have an almost 6 month old and have the same issues. I've been researching ramps and if anyone has any recommendations for brands etc., it would be great. thanks!!
  7. Annette5057

    Annette5057 New Member


    I found a ramp on Craigslist
    It hold up to 300 lbs and is telescoping.
    It is a Solvit pet ramp 2
    At first he went up and down but now he is boycotting everything so I keep a sandwich bag full of kibble in the car. A couple of pieces does the trick.
    I drive a SUV and it works good in the back. This ramp would not work on a car because the car doors don't open wide enough.

    Good luck. Hope this helps

  8. Bailey

    Bailey New Member

    thank you! It's funny, my Bailey won't climb into the car (and I drive a sedan) but she easily cleared a 3' wall this afternoon to chase one of her puppy friends! I was speechless.
  9. Annette5057

    Annette5057 New Member

    I got the ramp for Ricky and it gets old really fast getting him in and out of the car. At first he thought it was fun now he boycotts getting in and out. In hindsight I wouldn't buy it because he can get in and out of the floorboard and then gets on the seat. I have a seatbelt for him.
    I definitely relate with the previous post. My daughter is 5 minutes away and I didn't seatbelt him. He loves riding with the windows 1/2 down. When I slowed down at their house he jumped out the window. I didn't even see it until I parked and saw him greeting the neighbors. I was beside myself. They really do have a mind of there own. I love this big lug!!!!!:D:D
  10. Suzie J.

    Suzie J. New Member

    The collapse-able ramp is a great idea.
    I have a couple of dog friends that use some.

    Makes getting to the dog park (or vet...) a breeze!
  11. Amy H

    Amy H New Member

    Getting ready to put a railing around our deck because I am terrified our baby is going to fall off and break a leg.
  12. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    Sierra would jump on our bed at night while we would get ready for bed. Then jump off as we were getting in the bed. Well we removed the carpet in the master bedroom and put tile in. So the first night we could walk on the tile, Sierra makes a run for the bed, slides, and does a body slam into the foot board of the bed. Fell to the floor and looked up at my husband and I like what did we do to her. Well, she doesn't jump onto the bed any more. She realizes the carpet helped give her spring up ward due to the tile she just slides. Poor thing, the world is full of hard knocks.:D
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  13. Annette5057

    Annette5057 New Member

    Ricky Bobby sneaks into bed in the morning and stares at me until he see an eye open and then kisses kisses and more kisses. I have no idea how when normally it is jump, plop. They are great
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  14. Amy H

    Amy H New Member

    I'm scared of Bernie getting hurt on a slippery surface. When I had him in the shower earlier he slipped trying to get out too quickly. It makes me rethink getting rid of our nasty carpet.
  15. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    They learn on the tile. We wanted tile so that I could vacuum her hair up easier then I could on the carpet. Sierra actually loves the tile because it is cooler for her. We live where it is warmer more months then it is cooler.

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