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    So Loki is doing much better with the leash issue and we go for a nice walk every morning! We also just had our first Alaska snow and he is loving it! However, he is 16 weeks old now and still breaking housetraining. He always poops outside and pees when I take him, but he doesn't really ask to go out and just pees in the house. He'll be playing with his toy right infront of me and get up like he would to just switch toys, but then stop and pee before continuing. He makes it with only one bathroom break overnight even if he is not in his crate, so I know he can hold it. I've tried having him on a leash with me, taking him out on a timer every hour, having him sit at the door to make it open, even scheduling his drinking, but nothing works. I need help!
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    Try giving your dog a treat every time he goes outside and when your dog goes inside the house, you should walk up to the accident and let him know it's not okay. It will take some time to train, but if you enforce the rules, your dog will soon be trained to listen. Good luck and keep me posted on how your dog is doing! :)

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