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    Hello, my name is Harley, and my boyfriend and I were blessed with our princess, Millie, this past January. At the time, she had just turned a year old shortly before he brought her home. We got her from a humane society. So unfortunately we do not completely know her background and what she went through before she came home to us. From what we were told, she was put through some sort of therapy training where she would go and visit with preschools and nursing homes, and the way she loves everyone, especially my nieces, nephews, and cousins shows that that could be a sure possibility. But, on the other hand, she is very skiddish and runs from the slightest movement of your hand, which makes me think she was abused at some point in her life. I, myself, am a very avid animal lover and just a generally loving person and would never do harm onto any of my animals (Millie, and her brothers Blue and Boomer, who are both rescue cats). The only time i even remotely raise my hand to her is when i tap her on her butt when she has done something wrong, i would never beat her. Nor would i ever let anyone harm her in anyway, they would have to go through me first! I previously worked for a family who showed Shiba Inu's in the AKC, so, while traveling, i got familiar with berners back then when we would work with fellow dog handlers and got to know basics of the breed, and of course i thought they were just absolutely precious! So since we brought her home i have worked tirelessly with her and her training whenever i can. She's the best thing that has ever happened to me, and hopefully soon i will get her certified to be my therapy dog, for i have issues myself and she has helped me overcome those immensely since she was brought into my life. She is my first BMD and she has completely stolen my heart! So, i am excited to join this site and learn from those who have had far more experience with Berners, and share stories of my beautiful baby girl! princess.jpg
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    Hello Millie ! you look so gorgeous welcome.
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    It is hard to say without seeing your dog on the skidish part. Sometimes at a year the dog goes through different emotions. Puppies (at a year she is still a puppy) is learning how to become that adult dog that will protect you from danger. Yes, even though this bread is friendly your dog will still protect you if danger arises. So she is learning still. Sierra is 18 months and we have come across some people who stick there hand out to her and she will back away. Could be several reason. I know she will back away from a person who is a smoker. She can smell that. Neither my husband or I smoke. Dogs do have a good sense of people. Sierra seems to know who she wants to cuddle up with and those that she will stand beside me with a watchful eye. I do not correct her if she doesn't want someone to pet her. I trust her senses on this. With her it only happens once in a while. My Great Pyrenees where the same way. Dogs can tell things that we may take for granted. So just love her and keep her in training and you will have the best dog!! And yes she is a beautiful dog.
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