HELP! My senior won't eat after being away 2 weeks; lost 5 lbs

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Health Questions' started by cosgringo, Nov 4, 2017.

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    Hi, I have a 12 year old Berner female. She is about 61.5 lbs. She was over 67 lbs.

    My wife and I went away for 2 weeks and left her with friends.

    Since our return she's not eating, won't take her meds no matter what, and even cooked chicken and rice is a struggle.

    I took her to the vet and they came up blank. They told me to take her to this really over-priced internal medicine vet that we did years ago and they said she had pancreatitis- I DON'T BELIEVE THAT. It was a similar incident where I was away on business and she was a puppy and she got upset, no eating, etc.

    So I don't see an increase in pain. She has nerve/spine issues (like her dad, me). We were giving her gabapentin, carprofen, and tramadol. They told us to stop the carpofen. She hates the meds no mater what I embed them in now. I just am not sure if it is mental and should give her another week or what to do.

    The complication is I don't have the money now. My life went down the "shitter" when my back failed and 2 fusions later it's still bad and I am disabled because of it with no money. I know that med place will cost 1'000s for dubious tests and guesswork like they do with me. Sadly, I need that money to for my own life as I may need another surgery.

    I love my dog to death. I do want to do what's best but that's not always feasible and even when I did in the past it came down to use learning our dog's peculiar behavior now and then.

    She used to freak out and walk around the house for hours even on her bad leg(s). Learned it was "just her" and I had to get her to sleep one way or another (gaba worked well later).

    IDEAS FOLKS? I am aware she must be near her late days as 12 is old for her breed and I can handle that but I just am not sure what is really happening.

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