Hello Berner Lovers! Please help!

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  1. Hello, fellow Bernese friends. I am new to this forum, reaching out to any/all dog lovers willing to help me, my family, and most importantly my baby Berner, Reagan.
    Reagan is 11 months old and was recently diagnosed with severe, double hip dysplasia. It is predicted that he will lose the ability to use his legs in the next six months to a year. :( Our veterinarian described his dysplasia as that of a dog who is 10 years old. Reagan is a very rare case, showing such deformities at ONLY 11 months. I am reaching across the internet, far and wide, for help with the surgery expenses. Without the surgery our beautiful boy will have to be put down. My family and I can not bare that. He was a birthday/Mother's Day present in 2016 for my mother, who's ten year dream was to raise her own Berner. He is here and he needs help. This place seems like such a wonderful community. From the bottom of my Berner-loving heart, I ask you to help support us! Any/all donations to his GoFundMe account will be used to pay for surgery, medication, and rehabilitation costs. Link and updates available below:

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    Have you thought about seeing if a vet school would treat him as a case for their orthopedics program and defray some of your cost? May be worth a shot.
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    He make me feel sad hopefully make your dog better, i think you should go to shelter for the dog to ask help for the surgery.

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