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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by lppint, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. lppint

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    Hey everyone, three months ago my family became the proud owners of our first Bernese Mountain Dog. His name is Reggie and he is the sweetest dog. I have a few questions, I would like to get some opinions on:
    1. We got him from Petland and he has Gardia. We our on our fourth round of antibiotics... Need answers on if there is something else we can do for him, and if this will ever go away! He is 5.5 months old and only 44 lbs, not sure if thats the Gardia or if there is anything we can do to get him bigger?
    2. Secondly I have been researching when to get him neutered, not wanting puppies from him. Everything I have read has said 1 year to 18 months, our vet said 6 months to avoid aggressive tendencies? What are your guys opinions?
    3. Last, looking for good food recommendations!
    Thank you guys in advance!
  2. Maee4ever

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    Hello, I have a 9 month old Berner named “Kylo” he is 82 lbs and has not been neutered yet. We are waiting till 18 months. He is not aggressive because I am very loving but tough. He knows that every one in my family is the alpha. He listens very well and I take him to obedience class every saturday. It’s hard work but pays off. Since he was 8 weeks, he knows he can never walk through an entry way without waiting till all my family members pass first and always rings the bell to go outside. He is Avery happy, healthy dog because he knows he’s place. We love him to death but we are tough on him. People cannot believe how well behaved he is. I hope this helps.
  3. STACEE777

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    Oh, your poor baby. Never ever buy a puppy from a pet store, first rule. Of course, that is too late now. These poor lil guys come from horrible conditions in puppy mils and are usually pretty unhealthy. The lower weight is most likely caused by the giardia, poor baby is losing all of his nutrients, they're going right through him :( Pure pumpkin, not the pie filling but pure pumpkin in the can helps with diarrhea. Since this is not simply diarrhea but is associated with a parasite, giardia, I think you need something a little more effective. Goldenseal and Kochi Free are natural treatments for diarrhea caused by protozoa parasites such as giardia or coccidia. As far as neutering, 18 months is what I recommend for neutering/spaying of my berner pups. Their growth plates will be closed by then and the later the better with these big guys. Berners are not known for aggressive tendencies so you shouldn't have a problem with that. As far as good food, you know most will recommend raw feeding. We have 5 berners and it's just not an option for us right now. Fromm has a great reputation as far as no recalls and high ratings. I feed Victor professional since we have berners in all life stages and it's good for pregnant dogs, nursing mamas, puppies, and my other adult dogs. Whatever you choose you can check the ratings on the website Dogfoodadvisor.com.
    Oh and congrats on getting your first berner pup! You will love this breed!!
  4. Maee4ever

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    Hello, it sounds to me like you do not have a great vet. His knowledge about the breed is wrong. I would get a second opinion. Pure pumpkin made my bernese diarrhea worse. I give him rice water with a no bone no skin chicken breast. I cook one cup of white rice in a huge pot of water with the raw chicken. Do not add seasoning. Once fully cooked, I blend it all together and give him small amounts until he pooed solid. I give him only this and then I give him large pc breed formula kibble which he loves and is great for him. He is 10 months sand weighs 84 lbs. I will be doing the neutering at 18 months like the breeder and vet said. Wish you lots of luck.
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  6. Berner love

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    Poor little baby it’s hard seeing these sweet little angels suffering.my breeder also recommends victor premium dog food and she says too high of protein in their food isn’t good for them. 26 percent perfect... My boy has had some bouts of diarrhea but he is fine after some bananas and probiotic in kibble. I hope things get better hang in there.
  7. AgnesMom

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    lppint - did you end up trying Goldenseal and Kochi Free? We have a 5mth older Berner, Agnes, who has been battling giardia since early November. 8 rounds of antibiotics, probiotics twice a day and still cannot kick it. :(
  8. LadyandNala

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    I do the same when my dog has diarrhea for any reason, rice with chicken and no seasoning, cooked really well. After that I usually feed dry food mixed with bland yoghurt for one or two days to prevent a fall back. Always worked for me.
    Great tip! Also heard it works for other people I know as well.

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