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    I just thought I would post a little more about how we came to have Marley, our 6 mos. old Berner puppy. We feel very honored to have been picked as the guardian home for him by Kandi, the owner of Kandi's Sweet Puppies, near Grand Rapids, Michigan. https://www.kandisweetpuppies.com/. Kandi breeds Bernadoodles exclusively now, but she picked our Marley out of a litter, sired by his father, to be a future stud in her breeding program. Kandi gave Marley to us, and we take very seriously our commitment to raise him to be healthy and well-socialized. That is why I have been a very frequent reader on this forum since we got him. and I've learned so much from the knowledgeable folks here. My husband and I are 69 and 74 years, so we thought long and hard about the commitment to provide a big dog a home for a lifetime. We are reassured to know that Kandi would take him back immediately if we were ever unable to care for him. Marley has joined our 9 year-old grey sharpei, Willie, in our home, and we look forward to both of them keeping us young for a long, long time.
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    Congratulations! This is a very loving and wonderful breed. I hope you enjoy everyday with him.
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    Hello congratulations of your dog it is a nice breed, enjoy with him !

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