He won't come when he's called

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Training Forum' started by jenners, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. jenners

    jenners New Member

    Glad I found this forum....Berner's really are their own breed with their own special personalities!! Felix isn't like any other dog I've had before.

    He's a great dog...it took no time at all to teach him to sit, lay down, shake a paw, play dead and roll over. BUT when he's called by his name and told to come he does one of two things:
    1. inside - sits/lays and stares at you like he could care less then takes off or goes stiff when you go to get him.
    2. outside - he takes off as fast as he possibly can and runs in circles or goes and hides in the bush and pretends we can see him.

    HELP! It's so frustrating having 10 acres and having to keep him on a leash!
  2. Lucky-Liz

    Lucky-Liz New Member

    How old is Jenners?
    We have 3 unfenced acres. We had no problems with our female (I think female Berners just stay close to home naturally) but our young male Berner used to go off to see what the neighbour dogs were barking at. We worked at calling him to come and always gave him a really special treat for coming quickly. Another thing is that Leo's very favorite thing in the whole world is a smoked pig's ear, so if he is off having a bark-off with the noisy dog next property over, I'll yell "Leo, come, pig's ear" and he comes running! I only have to actually give him the pig's ear about 1/2 the time! Sometimes I feel kind of silly yelling "pig's ear" but, heck, whatever works, right?
  3. Gail949

    Gail949 New Member

    Come Comand

    Totally Agree with Lucky-Liz...you need to find a treat or belly rub or whatever Jenner likes most and each time you use the command "Jenner-Come" you need to treat at first, so each COME is a terrific event. Also, try and never use his name in conjunction with the negative words like "No or Bad". His name and Come always need to be positive things.

    If your yard is big, if he's in eye shot, I raise my arms above my head and say "Finnegan Come" at the dog park and when he comes, I get all silly and always pet lots and say "Good Come...what a good boy!" in that silly baby-talk voice dogs love.

    Good luck.

    Gail, Finn and Dugan

  4. jenners

    jenners New Member

    Thanks guys - been working at "Felix come"...his name is Felix lol I'm Jen (jenners is a nick name).

    He's 6 months old so I'm sure it's just a puppy thing. He comes in the house and gets lots of treats and praise when he comes. In the house he gets ignored if he doesn't come when he's called and he gets pretty upset about being ignored he'll do anything for the attention. Outside that's harder to ignore him as the house is a bit closer to the road than I'd like.

    We give him treats when he comes, inside and out. Treat outside doesn't work now as much as it used to. I guess it's just something we have to keep working on. Hard to do outside right now....the skunk and porcipines seems to be out in full force so we don't like to let him run free too often!!

    Raising out arms up in the air seems to scare him and he runs the other way with his tail between his legs. He's never been hit or anything but my boyfriend is 6ft2 so I think he's a little scared because it makes him look that much bigger.

    Thanks for your help guys. I'll have to try pigs ears as the special reward for outside when he comes when he's called.
  5. Gail949

    Gail949 New Member

    Sounds like you're making some headway at least. Be careful with pigs ear and rawhides. Some dogs get intestinal blockage if they eat too many. I won't feed any of those, but for chewing puppies and heck even my 2-yr old, I do buy the "Hooves"...they are stinky when chewed on, but the dogs don't eat them, they just chew on them and very small bits will come off slowly. If Felix is huge chewer, I'd just watch him the first time so he doesn't try and gobble the whole thing, but I bet he doesn't...the things get smelly and they love chewing on them.

    Good luck.
    Gail, Finn and Dugan

  6. jenners

    jenners New Member

    We are making some progress...inside. Outside is a different storey, he still likes to run away. He's good for a few minutes off leash and then gets a burst of energy and is gone - we're working on it!

    As for rawhides, I've never been a huge fan of them. As for pigs feet....he'd probably just swallow them whole - he gobbles up whatever he can.

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