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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by will47, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. will47

    will47 New Member

    We have a dog bed in our room (we've tried placing it in different places, and it's big enough for our dog), however, he won't go on it. Even if I lift him onto it, he'll move right off it immediately.

    We live in a warm climate, but it's usually pretty comfortable (70s or cooler) in the house; is it just more comfortable for him on the floor because it's cool? Anyone have a similar experience with their Berner?
  2. Bailey

    Bailey New Member

    My berner is 7 months old and prefers to sleep on the cold slate of our mudroom. She leans up against the air conditoner vent. LOL. I don't keep a bed in her crate either. I keep a bed in the kitchen and she knows it is hers and will chew on toys on it, but sleep on it? never.
  3. Reenie

    Reenie New Member

    Our current Berner ( as did our previous one )always seeks out a tile floor, which means he chooses to sleep in the bathroom!
  4. Momaire

    Momaire Member

    Mine too!:)
  5. Emstreet

    Emstreet New Member

    Our new puppy sleeps stretched out on the wood floor with her head on a blanket at night, and only on wood floor or tile during the day. We put a cooling mat in her crate and she seems to like the crate way better now. These Berners are always toasty in their fur coats!
  6. Klexi

    Klexi Guest

    I am a 1st time berner mom and she is now 12 weeks old. I was going to buy a dog bed but for now
    I won't even bother as she is ALWAYS sleeping under the futon in the basement. She sure will love winter cause summer is a pain for her lol
    And that is with the A/C on.
    She will absolutely love the snow:)
  7. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    We have a Kong Bed that sits in the living room during the day. If I need Sierra to calm down I point at it and say "Bed" once on it she looks at me and I give her the hand single for down. She will stay there until I tell her "free". 30 minutes is normally long enough. Other wise she really prefers the tile floor.
  8. dismount

    dismount New Member

    Tile floor spread eagle on his back. Too hot for a bed at least till summer is over.
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  9. perriejinnie

    perriejinnie New Member

    That happened to me also. My dog never used to sit on his bed. We tried very hard but it seemed he never liked his bed. It is just the way they prefer things and I think we cannot make them like it. However, if we try from the beginning (when the dog was a puppy) then we can train it.
  10. srkelly03

    srkelly03 New Member

    Same Here, Our 5 Month Old Pup prefers the cool finished basement floor at night, and during the day it's either the tile kitchen floor, or the tile in front of the fire place. Rarely does he ever just hang out on the carpet, so we figured he wouldn't even bother with a dog bed.
  11. Cassy

    Cassy New Member

    Maybe your dog need a training for that.
  12. Klexi

    Klexi Guest

    So we decided to get her a bed a month ago.
    It will last a lifetime since......
    She lays down...........
    Right BESIDE it
    She never ever rests on it but actually right beside.
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  13. Cassy

    Cassy New Member

    Hahaha that is one naughty story.
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  14. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    Sierra is the same she has a bed for night time but she lays on the tile floor next to it. We faithfully lay it down every night for her. I guess it makes us feel good to do that. But there is no sign of her laying on it and every morning she is laying next to it. But if we forget to put it down she will stand and stare at us like we really don't know what we are doing. So my husband and I call it her security blanket. We have another one we use during the day for training and time out.
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