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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Tiago, May 5, 2017.

  1. Tiago

    Tiago New Member

    Just here to say a quickly hi!
    Hi everyone,my name is Tiago and I'm from Brazil.
    I'm very happy with my 7 months old buddy Zeca
    He is a very good dog and gives us a lot of love
    Also wakes up everyone in the house early in the morning.But we still love him haha
  2. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    Congratulations on your puppy!! Hope you enjoy reading things on this site. Let us know how Zeca is doing.
  3. Tiago

    Tiago New Member

    Would love to know some tips about this breed owners

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  4. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    Well, every dog is different but ours loves attention. Even if we leave her for an hour when we come back she wants to be in our arms as if we have been away from her for years. I think that is because we are both retired and she is so used to being with us all the time. She is incredibly friendly with every dog, cat, etc. They were breed to pull so every so often on our walks she forgets the heal command and if she sees something she wants she will start to pull. You must be prepared for this on every walk if not you will fly down the street with them. They are strong. When I tell her "No pull" she turns and looks at me with an expression of oh I'm sorry I forgot, and will go back to my side, tail waging. I have found her very easy to train but we started with her right at 9 weeks in puppy obedience classes and continued up tell she received her good citizen certificate and now she is training to be a therapy dog. Training is important with them. Let us know if you have any problems and we will try to give you the best possible advice. Remember to just enjoy him!!
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  5. LeonilKyle

    LeonilKyle Member

    Wow ! hope you will both enjoy.

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