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    Hi my boy Bodie is almost 13 months. He had a whitish discharge in one eye when he was about 6-7 months. Our vet said it "might"be entropion but she couldn't tell because the eye seemed inflamed--she prescribed drops which seemed to help some. Over the last month or so Bodie now has a greenish yellow goop in both eyes which is worse in the morning. Took him back to the vet who seems to have decided that it is entropion, even though she hasn't performed any tests. Today she prescribed an anti-inflammatory drop and said to try claritan but really thinks we should drive 3 hours to an opthamologic vet. Interestingly enough there are two dogs at our local dog park with the same symptoms---hmmmmn. I don't mean to question the vet but it seems to me that this is more of an infection. Anyone out there with entropion experience and what are the real symptoms? By the way, now that she has "diagnosed" the entropion my pet health insurance won't cover treatment because that condition is hereditary.
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    Hi.....entropian is a congenital condition that results in improper eye rim function....specifically the eye rim rolls inwards and the lashes irritate the eyes.

    Severe cases require surgery and I have performed his on rescue/ foster dogs so know what it entails.

    There is no testing required to diagnose this rather it is based in evaluation so an eval by an eye specialist is a good idea and always recommended.

    Now this does not mean he does not now have an eye infection. Entropian commonly causes eye infections and they are simply more susceptible to eye irritants.

    Of course pollutants in the air can irritate many dogs but if your dog has entropian the risk are greater so I recommend you get his eyes certified by an eye specialist so you will know how to treat such infections going forward and can be on them before infection develops. Also if severe, you will need to be concerned about vision and surgery may be required if he is living with constant irritation.

    Good luck!

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