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    Skeptical about elevated feeders. My Apollo had one for about 2 years then after he ate one evening at 9 years old, he had bloat. Took him to emergency and decided to put him down versus surgery at his age. The worst situation I have ever had to deal with. Now my Gracie is 2 1/2 and haven't given her an elevated feeder. Not sure what the right way to go is...slightly elevated, elevated or not at all. Please I would love some advice.

    Thank you
  2. Berner love

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    I am wondering about the same thing I always thought elevated feeders were helpful for large breed dogs. I was going to use one when My Berner gets a little bigger. I know bloat can be caused by dogs gobbleing food quickly or exercise too soon after eating. I see my vet in a few weeks I will have this discussion with him and pass along the feedback.
    Sorry about Apollo BUT 9yrs is a good life for a berner
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  3. bernerlovr!

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    I spoke with Gentle Giants Rescue out in CA, the first batman. Also going to switch to their food too soon. They were very helpful and told me to definitely use an elevated feeder. I would recommend calling them and they can talk to you personally. They rescue and work with Large Breed dogs. Here's there website...https://www.gentlegiantsdogfood.com
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    What's the benefit to using an elevated food bowl? I've been told to avoid the elevated food bowl bc of bloat.

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